Wardens and support

Your residential experience is supported by a wardennial team who are your key contacts within the residence. They act as mentors and advisers, together with the University’s wider advice and support network.

Each wardennial team consists of a warden and a number of assistant wardens. The team works with residents, the hall committee and the residential services team to build a strong and supportive community and hall identity.

Wardennial support

The wardennial team provides out-of-hours contact and support, as well as links to daytime services to ensure that help is available at all hours of the day. They are a first point of call if a health crisis occurs or if you are distress or are experiencing difficulties.  Wardennial staff are always keen to support students, however there are limitations to their remit.  The support they offer is pastoral rather than medical and is designed to be ‘light-touch’ promoting autonomy and independence.    It is expected that students in halls are capable of independent living in a large shared environment, with appropriate support in place, where applicable. 

Wardens and assistant wardens undergo regular training and are qualified to provide emergency first aid.  They are supported by the Student Services Response Team who work evenings, nights and weekends.

The wardennial team is on duty between 7pm and 8am every weekday (Monday to Friday) and between 2pm and 8am at weekends (Saturday and Sunday). They also provide drop-in sessions in each hall. The times for drop-in sessions and contact details for each warden will be given to you in your residence information pack when you arrive at your hall.