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Hall committees

Each hall of residence includes a representative student body known as a hall committee. The hall committee, chaired by an elected senior student, is responsible for organising social activities and representing student opinion to the residential management team.

Hall committees play an important role in welcoming first year students into their communities and fostering a sense of belonging. They organise activities such as beach BBQs, receptions and balls, and game or film nights.


Being on a hall committee is a great way to get involved with hall life, and students are encouraged to join their committee or assist at its various functions.

Each spring, an election is held for the following academic year for the positions of:

  • senior student
  • deputy senior student
  • secretary
  • treasurer
  • ball convener.

Towards the beginning of Semester 1, the hall committee seek additional appointments including:

  • charities representative
  • environmental representative
  • sports representative
  • wellbeing representative
  • additional committee members.