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About collaborative study

The University is committed to the development and enhancement of strategic alliances that enrich the academic life of the institution and further cultivate the University’s ‘internationally Scottish’ dimension. Strategic partnerships are driven by strong synergies in teaching and research expertise, and operate successfully on multiple levels, reflecting academic priorities in research and curriculum development and providing the foundation for strong, multi-faceted and long-term collaborations.

Collaborative degrees

Each collaborative programme is unique and reflects the specific arrangements agreed between St Andrews and the partners involved.

Many of our programmes are joint degrees, ensuring a fully integrated collaborative programme which offers students a unique learning experience and a single award reflecting the joint nature of the programme.

As each programme is unique, it is important to look at the specific study pathways of the degree you are interested in.

Student experience

Collaborative programmes offer students innovative and enhanced learning experiences.

Students on many of our collaborative programmes will divide their time between study at St Andrews and study at a partner institution, either in the UK or overseas. Consequently, students may experience a number of transitions throughout their degree programme, which will help you to develop agility and adaptability, a confident and flexible approach to your learning, and a broad and international perspective, all of which will prepare you for employment in a global market.

The Collaborations and Study Abroad team offer a range of services to students on collaborative programmes to support their transitions and help them to make the most of their time at St Andrews.


All of our partners are carefully selected, and the University works closely with them to offer high quality programmes. All of our collaborative programmes are reviewed regularly, a process that includes evaluation of student feedback.

In establishing and operating institutional collaborations, the University is committed to the principles of good practice defined by the UK Quality code for Higher Education.

Your data

If you are interested in participating in a collaborative programme, you should read the Student personal data privacy notice (PDF)  ‌which outlines the University’s policy in relation to the transfer of personal data to collaborative partnerships in the UK and overseas.