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Exchange and study abroad student policy

This page details the University of St Andrews' policy (the Policy) on the admission and registration of non-graduating exchange and study abroad students to undergraduate and taught postgraduate programmes.


Exchange student
A student nominated to the University of St Andrews (“the University”) by one of the University’s Erasmus+ or international exchange partners as part of a reciprocal student exchange programme.

Study abroad student
A student who applies to spend a semester or academic year at the University through the international study abroad programme. A student may apply independently or through one of the University’s partner institutions and providers.

Information and communication

The University is committed to the provision of accurate and appropriate pre-entry information, support to prospective students and liaison with partner institutions and providers.

The University makes every effort to ensure that the information it provides is accurate at the time of publication. All information that is subject to change after publication, such as course content, selection criteria, University processes and financial matters, is available and kept up-to-date on the University website.

The University works with a number of partner universities and study abroad providers around the world. Students who apply through a partner institution or provider should note that some information, communications and decisions may be shared with the partner. This may include, but is not restricted to, information about an applicant’s status, information about a student’s hall of residence, contact details at St Andrews, module choice, academic progress and module results, any disciplinary or academic misconduct case involving the student. For further information, please refer to the exchange of student personal data privacy notice (PDF) .

In addition to the details outlined in this document, students who apply to and attend the University through specific partners may be subject to other terms and conditions as agreed between the University and the partner.

The primary contact for all enquiries related to exchange and study abroad programmes and partnerships at the University is the Global Office.

Monitoring and review

This Policy is reviewed annually to ensure any changes in legislation and University policies/regulations are reflected. Questions regarding the Policy should be addressed to the Director of the Global Office.

Application and admission