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Study abroad programmes

The University of St Andrews offers both an international study abroad programme and exchange programmes.

International study abroad programme

The University’s international study abroad programme is open to current students from outside the UK who would like to experience academic life and earn academic credit at the University of St Andrews for either a semester or a full academic year.

We welcome applications from around the world, and every year we admit non-graduating students who come to us either independently or from a range of partner institutions.

Postgraduate study

While most study abroad applications are for undergraduate study, we welcome Masters students to apply to spend one semester of their degree programme at St Andrews. Before you apply, contact the Study Abroad team at to check whether your subject is available for postgraduate study at St Andrews.

Study Abroad programme providers

The University of St Andrews works with a number of study abroad providers who offer a complete study abroad package for their students. If you would prefer to apply through one of the providers listed, please contact them directly.

Study abroad providers who have agreements with St Andrews are:

Exchange programmes

The University of St Andrews offers exchange programmes to students who attend one of our partner universities.

As an exchange student, your university will nominate you to attend St Andrews in accordance with our mutual exchange agreement.

To see if your institution has an exchange with St Andrews, see the partner institutions page.