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Maggie Winton

Maggie W - Sept 2015

Student Life & Wellbeing Adviser (Senior)

As a Senior Support Adviser, Maggie Winton is generally the first point of contact for many students contacting Student Services, either face-to-face or by e-mail.  Maggie will discuss the issues or difficulties the student is experiencing and then make a decision with the student about the next step, which might be an appointment with one of the counsellors or one of the specialist advisers in Student Services.  On occasion and as appropriate, Maggie will accompany a student to an appointment outside the University, e.g. with a GP.

Born in Glasgow, Maggie has worked in a variety of different organisations, including a bank, a building society, a firm of chartered surveyors and, for 12 years, as a legal cashier with a firm of solicitors.

Since 1995 Maggie has worked in Student Services in a variety of capacities where she has been listening to and empathizing with students experiencing  a very wide range of difficulties.  This vast experience both of the nature of problems faced by students and of the techniques used to overcome such problems is of immense value. Maggie has undergone training in counselling, student mental health and has just completed a certificate in mental health.

Maggie has a number of other roles which she operates in conjunction with her Senior Support Adviser position, one of which is a role in co-ordinating Orientation Week every year, mainly around the area of the recruitment and use of approximately 150 volunteers and in the production of the Orientation programme.

On a personal basis, Maggie enjoys working with Student Services and the opportunity that gives her to meet all sorts of people, and of seeing students go from shy and anxious first years to proud and successful graduates, having had the benefit of an amazing student experience here.  Besides students, Maggie loves animals!  And music!  And anything Australian!



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