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Printing costs

Printing using UniPrint is charged to you as the number of sheets used plus the number of impressions made.  Please be aware, however, that Uniprint calculates the cost of a print job in two different ways.  The printer itself will assess the document and, if it contains any colour content (no matter how little), the price for printing the whole document in colour will be displayed on the printer.  When the job is then submitted, the SafeCom charging system will calculate the real cost of printing the job based on the B & W and colour pages present, and this is what will be actually debited from your printer quota allocation. 

N.B. Although you may have sufficient credit to pay for the actual cost of printing your job UniPrint will not allow your document(s) to be printed if you do not have sufficient credit in your print account to complete the job at the higher cost.

N.B. Please ensure that you use up your UniPrint credit prior to leaving the University as unused print credit cannot be refunded by IT Services.  You can sell your remaining credit to another student by private arrangement.  Upon instruction from yourself IT Services will then transfer your remaining print credit to that student's account.

Table A shows the actual costs of printing A4 and A3 pages.  Table B shows how these costs are broken down:

Table A

 A4 single-sidedA4 double-sidedA3 single-sidedA3 double-sided
Monochrome 5p 7p 10p 16p
Colour 19p 35p 40p 76p

Table B

 A4 single-sided A4 double-sided A3 single-sided A3 double-sided
  Sheet + Impression Total Sheet + Impression Total Sheet + Impression Total Sheet + Impression Total
Monochrome 3p+ 2p 5p 3p + 4p 7p 4p + 6p 10p 4p + 12p 16p
Colour  3p + 16p 19p 3p + 32p 35p 4p + 36p 40p 4p + 72p 76p


5 page A4 single-sided document, 4 x pages with B & W content only, 1 x page with some colour content

Cost as displayed on the printer
5 x A4 sheets paper = 15p
5 x A4 colour impressions = 80p
Total displayed = 95p
Actual cost to you
5 x A4 sheets paper = 15p
4 x A4 B & W impressions 08p
1 x A4 colour impressions = 16p
Total charged = 39p