World's Challenge Challenge

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What is the World's Challenge Challenge?

  • The World’s Challenge Challenge is a global initiative of our exchange partners Western University.
  • Teams of 2-4 students are invited to present innovative solutions to some of the world’s most complex issues.
  • Winning teams from each partner university will be invited to participate in the World’s Challenge Challenge Global Final to compete for a grand prize of $30,000 CAD to help further develop their proposed solution and support implementation. This amount will be paid in Canadian Dollars and, as of February 2022, is worth around £17,450. Second and third prizes of $15,000 CAD and $7,500 CAD are also on offer for the 2022 edition.
  • The competition helps students develop their academic, oral presentation, and entrepreneurial skills, all while encouraging them to take action on global issues and challenges.
  • The World’s Challenge Challenge is an opportunity to bring together individuals with a broad worldview, seeking to study, influence and lead in the international community and to create global citizens who think creatively and critically, about significant issues that affect us all. It starts with one idea, one discussion. Who knows where it may lead?


Global Issues such as poverty, food security, public health, inequality and environmental degradation are the product of global relations in which we as global citizens bear some responsibility. The World’s Challenge Challenge encourages young minds from different disciplines to come together to address a global issue, offering solutions to implement in partnership with communities.

The World’s Challenge Challenge competition recognises that there are no simple solutions to the significant challenges facing the world.  and that proposals offered to address some aspect of these global issues must take this perspective into account and be seen as part of a larger picture of the global inequalities that exist today.

How it works

Student teams submit a brief application with a summary of their chosen issue or problem, and how they propose to address it. The Entrepreneurship Centre will provide you with advice on developing your idea.

Once all applications are reviewed to ensure they meet entry qualifications, we will hold a St Andrews selection meeting to choose a team to represent our university. You will present your idea, for around 5 minutes, and then answer follow-up questions from the judges. This selection meeting will be held virtually, using Microsoft Teams.

If your team is selected for the World’s Challenge Challenge, you will need to prepare two video pitches for the WCC Global Final: a 3 minute version and a longer 5-7 minute version. Technical aspects are not overly important: what matters is the quality of the idea and how it is pitched. You will be able to meet with colleagues from the Entrepreneurship Centre for advice as you prepare for this stage.

The WCC Global Final will give you the chance to present your idea, and compete for the top prize of $30,000 Canadian Dollars. The Global Final will be hosted virtually by Western University. You will present the 3 minute video pitch in the semi-final round and, if successful, present the longer 5-7 minute version in the final round.

When preparing for your presentation, please consider the following requirements:

  1. Clearly identify the global issue that your team is addressing. We encourage student teams to consider the Global Goals* as part of their presentation.
  2. Reflect upon the role that your own country or Western countries may have in the existence and/or perpetuation of the global issue.
  3. Reflect upon the role that you, as individuals and local communities, in the existence and/or perpetuation of the global issue.
  4. Present an idea to help address the global issue, using logical and convincing arguments, and including the way local and global communities can collaborate to develop joint solutions.
  5. Solutions should include realistic plans for implementation, with some consideration for budget, logistics and possible partners.
  6. Provide as many statistics and supporting research as possible to both the World’s Challenge and your solution.
  7. Polish your presentation to make it organized, visual and engaging. 
  8. Ensure that your presentation meets any technical guidelines of your internal competition.  Technical requirements for the International Finals will be provided to all finalists.

* On September 25, 2015 at the UN, 193 world leaders adopted the Global Goals, a series of 17 ambitious goals to end poverty, fight inequality and injustice and tackle climate change for everyone by 2030.

Application information and deadlines

Applications are now open for entries from St Andrews. Please email us on  for an application form, and follow the events happening on the Startup Tree page.

28 March 2022, 0900: Deadline for applications, via the StartUp Tree platform.

12 April 2022, from 1400: St Andrews Virtual Presentation judging. This will be hosted virtually, in Revision Week. You will present your ideas to the judging panel for 5 minutes. The judging panel will then ask you questions about your idea, for around 10 minutes.

6-9 June 2022: World’s Challenge Challenge Global Final. This will be hosted virtually by Western University. While the organisers will take different time zones into account, you should be flexible to make the most of the networking and learning opportunities on offer. This will be in Summer Week 2, after undergraduate exams.