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Erasmus+ eligibility criteria

Note: The information on this page will be updated shortly as the introduction of Erasmus+ has brought some changes. 

To be eligible for an Erasmus+ Study Mobility or Placement Mobility, students must:

  1. Be registered on a St Andrews degree programme;
  2. Have completed at least one year of higher education;
  3. Be on an approved, credit-bearing study or work placement*;
  4. Study or work in a country participating in the Erasmus+ programme (for 2017-2018, this means: EU member states, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Turkey);
  5. Spend at least three months abroad, and no more than 12 months.

The Collaborations & Study Abroad team will assess your eligibility once you complete the relevant forms. Please see Erasmus+ Documents for details.

You should also ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria for your School and programme.

Study Mobility

Study Mobility involves participation in a student exchange with one of our partner universities in Europe, either for a semester or a full year.

Several Schools in Arts and Science have Erasmus+ links, either at undergraduate or postgraduate level, with other European institutions.

A number of our European partners offer courses in English as well as the host language, so there are great opportunities even if you are not studying languages. See Opportunities abroad and how to apply for details.

Note: You may only study at an institution that has an exchange agreement with the University of St Andrews!

Placement mobility

Placement Mobility means a work placement undertaken for academic credit in another European country participating in the Erasmus+ programme.

Modern Languages students undertaking WIYA placements in Europe may be eligible. Biology and Chemistry students completing an External Placement for credit in another European country may also be eligible.

Internships and other placements undertaken over the summer vacation are not eligible.

In addition to the general eligibility criteria, students undertaking a Language Assistantship or a work placement should note that the following types of organisations are not eligible as host organisations under the Erasmus+ programme:

  • EU institutions and other EU bodies including specialised agencies;
  • Organisations managing EU programmes;
  • Diplomatic representation (embassy/consulate) of the student's home country.

Can I go on more than one Erasmus+ placement?

A student may receive one Erasmus+ grant for study and one for work placement during the course of their higher education. The total duration of all grants may not exceed 24 months.

Students may participate in a period of study at different host institutions, where this forms part of a single course of study. These periods must be consecutive. For example, a student may spend Semester One at a French exchange partner and Semester Two at a Spanish exchange partner - this would count as one study placement.

If you participate in a study or work placement during your degree and do not use a full 12 months, you may use the rest of the 12 month period through a Recent Graduate Traineeship if you are an undergraduate student. Please see our Recent Graduate Traineeship information for further details.

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