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Erasmus+ fees and funding

Tuition fees

As an Erasmus+ exchange student you will not pay tuition fees to your host university, though you may be asked to pay extra costs like lab costs.

You should ensure that you notify your funding body of your intention to go abroad. Please be aware that, where the Erasmus+ Programme does not meet the full costs of tuition, students will be liable.

For advice about arrangements with your funding body, please contact the University's Money Adviser.

There will be a St Andrews tuition fee generated for you, whether you pay your own tuition fees or have them paid on your behalf. Please see Tuition fees for further information.

Student Loans Company (SLC) funded students

For 2017-2018, tuition fees for first degree eligible students who are subject to the RUK (England, Wales, N Ireland) student support arrangements and who will spend the full academic year abroad as an Erasmus+ student will be covered under the Erasmus+ Programme arrangements (you do not need to apply for a tuition fee loan).  This applies to students who are studying abroad or undertaking a work/ external placement.

One semester Erasmus+ students are not eligible for tuition fee funding under the Erasmus+ Programme arrangements, and will be liable for their normal St Andrews tuition fees for the full academic session and should apply for a tuition fee loan as normal.

Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS) funded students

Eligible Home (Scotland/EU) students must apply to SAAS for tuition fee funding whether full year or one semester Erasmus+ students.  This applies to students who are studying abroad or undertaking a work/ external placement.  If you apply for tuition fees from the Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS) and are undertaking a full year placement for Biology or Chemistry, a half tuition fee grant is available from SAAS.

International students

Tuition fees for Overseas students are not covered under the Erasmus+ Programme arrangements and should be paid as normal.

US Federal Loans

If you normally apply for a US Federal Loan, you should contact the US Loans Team at St Andrews as early as possible to discuss your funding options.

Erasmus+ Mobility Grant

Erasmus+ students may be eligible to receive an Erasmus+ grant provided by the European Commission which contributes towards the extra costs arising from studying or working abroad for credit. It is not means tested and it is not a loan. There is not a separate application required as full time St Andrews students participating on Erasmus+ are automatically nominated for this programme.

Mobility Grant amounts are determined by the UK Erasmus+ National Agency, not the University. Grants are calculated on a monthly rate and amounts vary from year to year depending on demand from UK participants in the Erasmus+ programme. Mobility Grants are intended to contribute to the extra costs of study and work abroad.

Please note: As Erasmus+ grants are externally funded, the University cannot guarantee what funding will be available from year to year.  Priority of available Erasmus+ grant funds is given in the following order;

  1. Full time University of St Andrews undergraduate students
  2. Full time University of St Andrews postgraduate students
  3. Erasmus Mundus masters students

What do I need to do to receive my grant?

You must ensure that you have:

  1. Completed the relevant documents before you leave St Andrews so that the CSA team can assess your eligibility (see Erasmus+ Documents).
  2. Submitted your UK bank details on e-Vision.
  3. Completed, signed and returned your Erasmus+ Mobility Contract (see Erasmus+ Documents).
  4. Completed online matriculation at St Andrews.

While you are abroad you must complete a number of documents in order to meet the requirements of your Erasmus+ mobility. Failure to do so may delay your second grant payment (if relevant) or may mean that you will be required to return your Mobility Grant.

When is the grant paid?

Students going abroad for the full academic year will normally receive the first instalment of their Mobility Grant in September and a second instalment in mid Semester Two. The final instalment will be paid upon completion of the mobility program and the submission of all compulsory Erasmus+ documentation.

Students going abroad for semester one only will receive their first instalment of their Mobility Grant in September with the second instalment to follow, and second semester students will receive their first instalment of their Mobility Grant in January with the second instalment to follow. The third and final payment will be made upon completion of the mobility program and the submission of all compulsory Erasmus+ documentation.

The Mobility Grant is made in three instalments as follows; first payment is 80% of the total Erasmus+ grant, second payment is 10% of the total Erasmus+ grant, and third payment is 10% of the total Erasmus+ grant.

Note:  Availability of the Mobility Grant is contingent on award from the European Commission to the University and payment of the Mobility Grant is dependent on students returning all necessary documentation to St Andrews.  Failure to do so will delay payment and may even mean forfeit of the Mobility Grant.

How will I receive my payments?

Mobility Grants are usually paid in Pounds Sterling directly into students' UK bank accounts. The University will pay grants at the Oanda rate of exchange on the date we receive funds from the UK National Agency.

In order to receive the Mobility Grant, students must submit their UK bank details in e-Vision.

What happens if I have to come home early?

Students who return home early may have to return some or all of the Mobility Grant. This will depend on the circumstances in each individual case.

If you have to leave your study or work placement for any reason, please notify the CSA team immediately.

Am I eligible for an Erasmus+ Mobility Grant if I'm on an Erasmus+ Mundus programme?

Students enrolled in an Erasmus+ Mundus Masters programme at St Andrews may be eligible for an Erasmus+ study grant for study at other consortium institutions provided they meet all of the following conditions; please see priority list above for distribution of funding:

  1. They are matriculated students at St Andrews;
  2. St Andrews is their ‘home’ institution on the Mundus programme;
  3. They are not in receipt of an Erasmus+ Mundus Scholarship;
  4. They have not benefited from an Erasmus+ study mobility grant before (including previous Erasmus+ funding on the Mundus programme).
  5. If eligible, students must meet all normal conditions of the Erasmus+ programme.

Please note that only ONE institution, the 'home' institution, may pay students an Erasmus+ study grant. This funding is provided to assist with the costs of study when students are away from the home institution. Grants cannot be provided for study at other institutions prior to matriculation (registration) at the 'home' institution. Grants cannot be provided for two separate semesters over two academic years. To use a typical route on one of our Mundus programmes as an example:

  • Semester 1 - Institution 1
  • Semester 2 and Semester 3 - St Andrews (home institution)
  • Semester 4 - Institution 3

In this example, St Andrews would pay an eligible student an Erasmus+ Mobility Grant for Semester 4 only.

Erasmus+ Supplementary Funding

The British Council provides supplementary funding for students already in receipt of an Erasmus+ Grant to help fund study and work mobility placements.

For the year 2017-2018 for students on study placement, there is an additional monthly payment of €120 available depending on eligibility. For students on work placements, there is an additional monthly payment of €20 available depending on eligibility (this is on top of the higher grant amount which subsidises work placements abroad).

In order to qualify for this funding, you must have a certified household income of less than £25,000. Contextual data will be used to assess financial need using the University's points-based system. More details are available on the British Council website. Please note, for the purposes of the Erasmus+ programme, the UK is considered as a "higher cost of living country".

Applications for the supplementary funding should be made through the Collaborations and Study Abroad team, and if you think that you may be eligible, you should contact us by email for advice or download an Supplementary Funding Application (Word, 640 KB).

The deadline for submission of applications is Friday 11 August at 5pm.


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