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Advice for St Andrews residents and visitors

St Andrews is a small town which happens to have a University.  Therefore, the population comprises permanent residents, full time resident postgraduate students and undergraduate students.  The undergraduate students are only resident during term time, and for a period of around 4 years.  This represents a huge task in terms of educating an ever changing population both academically and in terms of their development as adults and citizens of the town.

The University is committed to tackling issues of student misconduct.  The vast proportion of the student community accepts their adult responsibilities and are never involved in misconduct investigations during their period of study.  The University must seek to maintain and balance the so called ‘Town-Gown’ relationship.  This involves an awareness of the issues affecting both students and permanent residents, and taking action to resolve these issues where appropriate.

University staff regularly visit meetings of Residents Associations and Community Council.  Many of the issues raised are a simple case of misunderstanding and can be resolved relatively easily.

The University has Academic Appeals and Student Conduct policies which are followed when dealing with student misconduct.  Penalties in these policies are always judged on a case by case basis, with the most severe being to expel the student from the University. 

The University provides guidelines to students on expectations of conduct, and in fact, all students agree to a very basic ‘conduct agreement’, the Sponsio Academica when they enrol at University.  However, the University has no jurisdiction with regard to private contracts.  Any contract, be it accommodation, hire or other service, taken out privately with a student should include mechanisms to resolve any failure on the students part to honour that contract.  It is recommended that such contracts should include the submission of both a term time and a vacation time address for the student.  Most students change residence each year and this can lead to them becoming ‘untraceable’. 

When such private contract disputes arise, including damages, the University has no responsibility to intervene.  However, we can provide a mediation service, and encourage the student to seek the appropriate advice and support.  In cases where the student behaviour at a private residence is causing concern, either through noise or mess, the Night-time Noise team, Police Scotland or Fife Council can be called upon.  Serious or repeated cases of antisocial behaviour will be reported to the University.  The students will then be reminded of their responsibilities.  Previous offenders and students causing concern may be asked to meet with the Discipline Officer.

At key times, the University takes a coordinated response when dealing with student conduct.  For example, Fresher’s Week, Raisin Weekend, May Dip and Exam periods all require the involvement of several University units, and local services such as the Police Scotland, First Aid Organisations and volunteers.

If you are experiencing any difficulties with student conduct, please consult the contacts below for further advice.

Contact Details

University Discipline Officer
Gary Crawford
T:  01334 462027

Police Scotland
T:  101

Fife Council Public and Environmental Protection Team
T:  03451 55 00 22

Fife Council's Night-time Noise
T:  101
Fife Council's Night-time Noise team deals with complaints about noise from domestic premises, such as noisy parties, barking dogs or noisy DIY, between the hours of 5.30pm and 3.30am.