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St Andrews Money Week 25th February-1st March 2019

St Andrews Money Week is taking place to enhance the financial capability of students and encourage students to think about their finances. However, at the University of St Andrews we are challenging staff to spring clean their money / finances. The National Money Week which is the 6th February has the backing of NASMA, AMOSSHE, NUS, Credit Action, Experian, SAAS, SFE, Financial Fraud Action UK, Financial Ombudsman Service.

Money drop-in session

Feeling stressed or anxious about money? Your financial wellbeing is linked to your emotional wellbeing.

Come and have a chat with the Money Adviser from Student Services for the Money Drop-In Sessions at Eden Court on;

  • Monday 25th February from 2.00pm - 6.00pm
  • Tuesday 26th February to Friday 1st March from 11.00am  - 3.00pm

Pop along to Eden Court during Money Week to take part in a ‘Taste the Crisps’ test. Do you know your brands from your supermarket own? There will be a special Money Saving Tip Tree in both The ASC and Eden Court where you can add your own tips for fellow students to try out and see if there are any new ones you didn’t already know.

During the February Money Month

Like us on Facebook during Money Month. There will be frequent updates on more money in your pocket and safe money.

Seven things to do during the month and spring clean your money/finances

  • Check out whether you need a TV licence. You might think it is sorted for this academic year, but what about next year when you are in private accommodation? Do you use your laptop or tablet to view TV programmes? Find out all the ins and outs of TV Licensing. Watching TV without a licence could cost you £1,000!
  • Worried about your energy bills? You could see if switching supplier would be helpful – remember to check if your Landlord has restrictions on moving suppliers.
  • Sign up to StudentBeans for discounts.
  • Apply for your Free National Entitlement/My Fife Card for discounts and age verification, which is recognised throughout the UK and Europe.  If you are under 26 and are studying at the University for more than 6 months you are eligible for The Young Scot Card.
  • If you're worried about paying the bills or your budget in general, talk to the Money Adviser from Student Services. E:
  • Not sure where to start and need some general advice? Check out ASK MA.
  • Living in St Andrews and would like advice on the many aspects of energy? Contact St Andrews Environmental Network they can visit you at home if required.

Further advice

Don’t get caught out with the Payday Loans. If you are thinking even remotely about going down this route, do please get in touch with the Money Adviser. E:

Finally – Did you ever stop to think that a criminal could be posing as an employer? You may be offered a job which involves receiving money into your bank account and transferring it to another account, allowing you to keep some for yourself. This is money laundering – don’t pay the price – up to 10 years imprisonment. Further advice and guidance.