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Payment deadlines

The University operates strict payment deadlines for each academic year.

Students should note that they will not become a fully registered student until they have paid their fees in full or set up an instalment plan.

Returning students should also note that they may not be permitted to matriculate if they have an outstanding debt owed to the University. Students with such debts should make an appointment at the earliest possible stage through The ASC to discuss their situation.

A schedule of the payment deadlines and the relevant penalties for 2019/2020 is shown below:

Payment Deadlines

Payment in full by Monday 9 September 2019

Payment by instalments (International or UK bank transfer) 50% by Monday 9 September 2019

Credit/Debit Card agreements must be set up by Monday 9 September 2019

Payment of £50 General Council and Graduation Fee or Completion Fee (for entrant students only) by Monday 9 September 2019

Confirmation of Sponsor by Monday 9 September 2019



Late Penalties

Late payment of Tuition Fees: 3% of outstanding fee

Late payment of Accommodation Fees: 3% of outstanding fee

Failure to make any Payment Plan: 3% of outstanding fee

Students who fail to respond to correspondence requesting payment may have access to the Sports Centre denied. Similarly, students, although having access to the Library may be unable to withdraw books if they have outstanding debt.

Students who are in arrears of any payment plan will be referred to the Credit Control Section of Finance, who will take the appropriate action in line with the University's Failure to pay policy (PDF, 565 KB) to ensure that all payments are made in full. Please note that communication will be sent to the students University e-mail and this should be checked regularly.

Final decisions on late payment penalties will lie with the Finance Operations Manager.

Any student living in University accommodation failing to keep to their payment schedule will be referred to the Head of Student Accommodation Services, where a decision will be made as to whether to serve a notice of eviction. Availability of University accommodation in the future may also be jeopardised.


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