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Paying Tuition Fees in Full

How would you like to pay?

Bank Transfer for International Students

UK Bank Transfer

*Credit/UK Debit Card


Tuition and Accommodation fees should NOT be paid in cash. 


*For Overseas credit cards only - Exchange Rate Guarantee if you choose to pay in your home currency!

If you are offered the option to pay in your home currency, FEXCO are offering an "Exchange Rate Guarantee".  This effectively means that you have the certainty of knowing the exact value of your payment at the point of sale.    The Exchange Rate used is based on Reuters Wholesale Interbank Exchange Rate.

The currency conversions service is provided by FEXCO Merchant Services on behalf of the University of St Andrews. FEXCO provide the University of St Andrews
customers an exchange rate guarantee: For further details please see

Please be mindful when comparing rates online as the rate quoted is likely to be an interbank rate representative of a mid point between buying and selling and will generally not be available from a bank for processing payment. If you choose not to take advantage of paying in your home currency then the transaction will be processed in sterling. Cardholder choice is final.

Alison Barnett
Finance Operations Manager