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Travel scholarships

Applications for Undergraduate Travel Scholarships for summer 2017 are now open. If you are a current student at the University of St Andrews, you can access scholarships and funding through MySaint, located under ‘My Applications’. Undergraduate Travel Scholarships are now able to be selected from the funding catalogue. The deadline for applications is 12noon on Wednesday 8 March 2017.

You are also required to obtain a reference in support of your application which must also be submitted by the same deadline (applications without references will not be considered). Please contact your referee in plenty of time and request that they send their reference directly to before Wednesday 8 March 2017.

Financial assistance is available to matriculated undergraduate students wishing to undertake travel projects during the summer vacation through a number of travel scholarships funded by donors. A full list of available scholarships appears below.

The undergraduate travel scholarships committee will assess applications made by the due date and make awards according to the individual criteria for each scholarship. The following points should be noted when considering your application:

  • Applications to work as support staff at American summer camps are generally not considered.
  • Final year students are not eligible to apply.
  • The committee will not award a travel scholarship where the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has advised against travel to a particular country.
  • Scholarships support travel costs rather than contributing to any charities a student may be supporting.

A risk assessment for the intended travel will need to be fully completed and submitted before money can be transferred. Details of how to complete this will be given once your application has been submitted.

The University will consider all complete applications. Students can expect to hear about the outcome of their application towards the end of April / beginning of May.

In the event of the travel not being undertaken the scholarship must be refunded to the University. In the event of the nature of the travel changing significantly, the University must be consulted to ascertain whether or not scholarship can be used for the new purpose.

All students are required to submit a report on their travel (this must be submitted electronically to the Stewardship Officer, Development ( This report should be no fewer than 500 words in length and should not exceed 1,000 words. The report will be sent to the University and/or relevant external trustees along with a summary of the names of students awarded scholarships, their year and programme of study. Students who fail to submit a report will not be considered for future funding and will be required to return any funding received.

For additional information please contact the Stewardship officer in the Development office at

Fund information

Travel bursaries and scholarships are available from the following funds, these are allocated on an annual basis by the undergraduate travel scholarship committee via a single application in MySaint.

Alexander H Smith Travel Bursary

One travel bursary of approx. £400 is available to matriculated students of the University for international travel. The travel bursary is only open to Modern Languages students taking at least two languages. The award is funded from a bequest from the late Dr Alexander H Smith, MA French-German, 1941.

Nisbet Memorial Travel Scholarships

A small number of scholarships normally of £200 - £250 each are offered to undergraduate students for travel abroad, during the summer vacation. The travel must be undertaken while the student is an undergraduate and may be in connection with the student's course of study or with some other creative or practical purpose. Travel for the purpose of a holiday will not qualify.

Norman Kemp Smith Travel Scholarships

A small number of scholarships, normally approx. £250 each, are open to students in their Junior Honours year at the University or to those students in their final year of a General degree before progressing to further study in St Mary’s College or to a course of clinical medicine. The awards are for recreational purposes and need not necessarily be of relevance to academic study.

St Salvator's Hall Travel Scholarships

To mark the Golden Jubilee of St Salvator’s Hall in 1980 an endowment fund was established to provide one or more travel scholarships annually with a value normally of the order of £200 - £250. The scholarships will be tenable during the long vacation and their purpose is to assist students to partake in some form of interesting foreign travel. The travel does not need to be connected with their chosen academic disciplines. The scholarships are only open to residents of the hall and will be made on academic merit and on the contribution the applicant has made to the life of the hall.

Walker Trust Travel Scholarships

These scholarships are open to students who have attained a satisfactory level of academic progress, and are positive and active participants in the extra-curricular life of the University. The scholarships are intended primarily to further the useful application of students’ time and energies during the long vacation and are open to students who intend to carry out a course of study at a foreign university or a seriously planned visit of educational value to a foreign country, excluding an official university-planned expedition. Scholarships will be awarded by the trustees of the Walker Trust on the recommendation of the bursaries committee.

Zannah Stephen Memorial Travel Scholarship

One or two undergraduate travel scholarships of the order normally of £300 are to be awarded to matriculated students of the University for international travel. The scholarships are open to third year students undertaking study within the Schools of Art History, Biology, Geography and Geosciences, History and Modern Languages.


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