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Laidlaw Undergraduate Research and Leadership Programme - Travel Fund

All Scholars can now access a dedicated Moodle module which gives details about the Travel Fund application process


The Travel Fund provides additional support to Laidlaw Scholars who need to travel as part of their research activities.  Scholars must complete a risk assessment prior to travelling and have the support of their Supervisor for any proposed travel.

Applications are reviewed and allocations made by the Laidlaw Team. Scholars can claim up to £1200 over two years.

We strongly advise scholars to use the University's preferred travel provider, DP&L (tel 01334 474404), when making travel arrangements and consider choosing tickets which offer flexibility if there is any doubt regarding travel plans.


Value of funding

Scholars may apply for up to £1200 in total across two years to cover travel expenses incurred during their summer research project. Requests should align with the University expense policy 2018 (PDF, 900 KB)


  • Applicants must be holders of a Laidlaw Scholarship for 2018.
  • This funding is available to reimburse costs of travel only, eg, trains, planes, buses, etc.
  • This funding is not intended to cover accommodation or subsistence which should be met from the Laidlaw Scholarship award.
  • Travel between St Andrews and scholars’ home town is also excluded (or equivalent journeys as judged by the Laidlaw Team).
  • Applicants may only apply to the Laidlaw Scholarship Travel Fund once per year, and the total requested across two years must not exceed £1200.
  • Students must also complete a risk assessment prior to travel. Details about travel risk and assessments, as well as the risk assessment form, can be found in the following self enrolement courses on Moodle. Travel Guidance and General Risk Assessments.
  • Retrospective applications are not permitted.

Travel insurance

All official travel undertaken by scholars will be covered under the University’s travel insurance policy. The University’s travel insurance requires a risk assessment to have taken place prior to travel. Supervisors are able to assist with this process. If you require further clarification of the University's travel insurance policy pleas contact:

Kenneth Stewart, Insurance Officer
Direct Tel: 01334 462465


If your planning on studying abroad then you may need a visa to enter the country in which your planning to visit. There is no single application for a visa as the requirements vary from country to country. You're first step should be to look at the Embassy website of the country you wish to study in.  This should help you identify the extact type of visa you need and therefore, the appropriate application form to complete. The cost of the visa can be included in your application to the Travel Fund.

Please contact Jacky Lawson, International Student Avisor if you are experiencing difficulties completing your visa application form

Foreign and Commonwealth Office travel advice

Scholars are advised to check the FCO web site for travel alerts. To ensure your safety, travel to destinations the FCO has advised against traveling to is not supported.

How to apply

 Quick guide to applying to the travel fund

  1. Apply to the travel fund
  2. Get approval from the Laidlaw team
  3. Book and pay with your own money
  4. Claim back your travel costs

1. Apply to the travel fund

Applications are made through the Mysaints portal. The fund is called the Laidlaw Scholarship Travel Fund 2018

Scholars must submit their applications at least 10 working days prior to booking their travel.

 The following information must be provided in the submission:

  • A completed application via the Mysaints Portal along with a completed Laidlaw Travel Fund Pro Forma. Scholars must upload the Laidlaw Travel Fund pro forma to the online application form.
  • An explanation of why the proposed travel is necessary for the scholar’s research
  • Confirmation that the risk assessment process was completed with their supervisor and the relevant risk assessment form completed

Any questions regarding completion of the risk assessment form should be directed to:
Kenneth Stewart, Insurance Officer
Direct Tel: 01334 462465


2. Get approval from the Laidlaw team

We aim to inform scholars the outcome of their application within 5 working days from receipt of the application.


3.  Book and pay with your own money

Scholars must book and pay for their travel costs upfront. Please note you received your first Scholarship payment  of £1,500 in early March to assist with these costs, if required.


4. Claim back your travel costs

Scholars will be reimbursed in accordance with the process laid out in the payments section.


Please note we will not accept retrospective applications to the fund.




Applicants must pay for their travel costs upfront and then submit a Student Claim Form to be reimbursed. Claims must align to the University expense policy 2018 (PDF, 900 KB)

We aim to process all claims within 4 weeks of receipt of all the relevant paperwork. (Please note: depending on the claim submission date it may take additional time for the payment to be processed through the University payment cycle).

To submit a claim scholars must complete a Student Travel Claim Form (PDF, 214 KB) attaching all original receipts and returned to:

Laidlaw Team
Centre for Academic, Professional & Organisational Development (CAPOD)
Hebdomadar’s Block, St Salvator’s Quad
75 North Street
St Andrews
KY16 9AJ

Any queries can be directed to

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