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Laidlaw scholarship travel fund


This year we have introduced an increased Travel Fund to provide additional support to Laidlaw Scholars who wish to complete some or all of their research at a University aboard, or carry out research internationally.Scholars must have the support of their supervisor for any proposed travel.

Applications are reviewed and allocations decided by the Deans Office. Allocated funds are paid to successful applicants as a one-time bursary. You will not be required to submit a further expenses claim form or supporting receipts.


Students may apply for up to £1200 (in total across two years) to cover travel expenses incurred during their summer research project. Requests should align with the University expenses policy.

Successful applicants may receive only a partial award dependant on demand.

No monies can be guaranteed to any applicant so scholars are asked not to make any financial commitments predicated on a successful application.

Each Laidlaw supervisor is provided with £300 per year for each scholar which can be used for minor expenses, books and materials which is separate from the travel fund. Supervisors/Schools will administer this additional support.


  • Applicants must be holders of a Laidlaw Scholarship for 2018
  • This funding is available to reimburse costs of travel only, eg, trains, planes, buses, etc. This funding is not intended to cover accommodation or subsistence. Travel between St Andrews and scholars’ home town is also excluded (or equivalent journeys as judged by the Deans Office). Applicants may only apply to the Laidlaw Scholarship Travel Fund once per year, and the total requested across two years must not exceed £1200.
  • Students must also complete a risk assessment prior to travel.
  • Retrospective applications are not permitted.

Travel insurance

All official travel undertaken by scholars will be covered under the University’s travel insurance policy. The University’s travel insurance requires a risk assessment to have taken place prior to travel. Supervisors are able to assist with this process.


If your planning on studying abroad then you may need a visa to enter the country in which your planning to visit.  There is no single application for a visa as the requirements vary from country to country.  You're first step should be to look at the Embassy website of the country you wish to study in.  This should help you identify the extact type of visa you need and therefore, the appropriate application form to complete.

The cost of the visa can be included in your application to the Travel Fund.

Please contact Jacky Lawson, International Student Avisor if you are experiencing difficulties completing your visa application form

Foreign and Commonwealth Office travel advice

Scholars are advised to check the FCO web site for travel alerts.

How to apply

Application will be through the scholarships and funding portal on MySaint – the fund is called the Laidlaw Scholarship Travel Fund 2018.

Applications will open at the begining of February 2018.  Applications will next open on 1 February 2019 and close on 1 April 2019.

Applicants will be asked to provide the following information:

  • An itemised list of dates, destination and projected costs of travel
  • An explanation of why the proposed travel is necessary for the Scholar’s research
  • Confirm that they have commenced the risk assessment process with their supervisors

Successful applicants will be asked to confirm that they have completed the risk assessment process prior to the award of any funds. Unsuccessful applicants will still be covered under the University’s travel insurance as long as they have completed the risk assessment process.

Awards will be made in a single payment at the beginning of May 2018. All scholars are asked to upload their bank details to MySaint.

Any queries can be directed to