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The leadership programme

As part of their scholarships, a comprehensive leadership programme is provided to help develop the scholars as future leaders in their fields.

The aims of the leadership programme are to allow the scholars to:

  • Better understand their own leadership style.
  • Develop their ability to reflect, and derive learning from this.
  • Lead a small team and receive feedback on their performance.
  • Hear and learn from experienced leaders.
  • Understand the importance of research methods and ethics.
  • Develop a sense of team amongst the Laidlaw Scholars.

The leadership programme is delivered by CAPOD and comprises of a mixture of input, discussion, guest speakers, practical activities and individual reflection.

During the first year of the scholarship, scholars attend a leadership weekend. The focus of the event is on introducing the scholars to leadership theory, developing their self-leadership skills and reflective abilities. Scholars also complete several courses on research methods and ethics.

Running alongside the research projects, there is a summer leadership programme of events. The summer programme involves scholars working together in action learning sets to review their research experience, as well as hearing from experienced leaders, and further developing leadership skills. After the research projects are complete, there is a further day of leadership training which focuses on the scholars' ability to be self-reflective and further develop their leadership understanding.

In the second year of the scholarship, there is a leadership development day which includes a focus on leadership in teams, before a second summer development programme. Following compeletion of the research projects, there is a final residential leadership weekend to review the leadership development of the scholars and allow them to practise their leadership skills through an applied project. 

In their final year of studies, each Scholar will be given the opportunity to be assigned an external coach who can provide on-going support over the year with their leadership development.

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The leadership programme is delivered by CAPOD and comprises of a mixture of input, discussion, guest speakers, practical activities and individual reflection.

The content of the combined leadership weekends and summer programme includes an exploration of the following:

  • Leadership traits
  • Values
  • Reflection
  • Academic leadership
  • Authentic leadership
  • Leadership styles
  • Research methods
  • Ethics
  • Personal development planning
  • Briefing and communication skills
  • Poster design
  • Video production
  • Leadership for the future
  • Team dynamics and effective followers
  • Resilience in leadership
  • Collaborative leadership










 Quotes from participants: 

  1. 'After this weekend I feel I will have a different method of time-management. I feel I’ve explored and discovered values that are important in a leader.'

  2. 'I have picked up some good strategies for dealing with managing groups of people and thought a lot about what I can do to be seen as a trustworthy leader.'

  3. 'I’ve realised leadership is not a set method, rather being able to adapt and change as new challenges arise.'

  4. 'There is a lot to learn and reflect upon if you are willing to think critically about yourself.'

  5. 'It was a great opportunity to mix with people from different departments and disciplines and to step out of your comfort zone and get exposed to alternative ways of approaching tasks etc.'

The scholars blog

Throughout their summer research projects, the scholars will be blogging about their experiences. Check the blog regularly to find out the scholars’ thoughts as they develop as researchers and leaders. 

The Poster Presentation

Each October members of the public and the University community have the opportunity to view the posters produced by the scholars, detailing the findings from their research scholarship. 

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