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2016 projects

In the summer of 2016 forty-nine scholars designed, pursued and reported on a research question of their own devising, working with an academic in their chosen School. The scholarships lasted between 8-10 weeks, and scholars worked full-time on their project over the summer months.

View the list of projects from the 2016 cohort.

2017 poster event

2016 poster winners

Faculty of Arts and Divinity

Sarah glass's winning poster
Name - Sarah Glass
Research poster title - State-induced famine in Zimbabwe: The Matabeland south food embargo, 1984
Full size poster

Faculty of Science and Medincine

Karina Vitanova's winning poster
Name - Karina Vitanova
Research poster title - Leptin and the Mitochondrion: New pathways to protect against dementia
Full size poster

The 2016 poster brochure (PDF, 14,816 KB)

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