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Pre-defined projects

There are three possible types of pre-defined projects (e.g. defined by a supervisor):

  1. Based in St Andrews, and therefore have a supervisor from the University of St Andrews.
  2. Part of the Laidlaw International Partnership. These are collaborative research projects between the University of St Andrews and an overseas university which also offers the Laidlaw programme; these projects involve a period of research which is based in the overseas institution in your second summer.
  3. Based in an overseas Laidlaw partner University for two years, these projects are conceived and supervised by overseas staff.  Projects are made available on the website of the overseas University, and Laidlaw Scholars are required to contact supervisors directly.

Disregardless of the location of the research project (i.e. based in St Andrews, paritally based in St Andrews, or based wholely at the other Laidlaw University), the Scholarship, administration, and leadership elements of the programme remains at the student's home University.

1. Pre-defined projects based in St Andrews
Projects that are based in St Andrews will mean that you are under the sole supervision of a University of St Andrews academic. However, there is still the opportunity for an international element and each Scholar is awarded a Travel Fund of £1200 for the duration of their scholarship that they can use to carry out research overseas or visit international researchers.

2. Pre-defined collaborative projects based at another Laidlaw Institution
Laidlaw International Partnership projects are pre-defined projects which are part of a collaborative research project between a supervisor at the University of St Andrews and a supervisor from an overseas university which also offers the Laidlaw programme. In your first year as a Laidlaw Scholar your summer research project will be based with the supervisor in St Andrews and a student at the partner institution will be based at their home university. In your second year you will take part in a research exchange with the overseas university for the duration of the 5 week summer project and the overseas student will be based in St Andrews. Your home supervisor will still be available for contact during this second research period if you need support, but your main point of contact will be the overseas supervisor that you are working with.

3. Pre-defined projects based at a partner Institution (with a non St Andrews supervisor) for two years
In some instances, supervisors in our Laidlaw partner institutions will have two year projects to be undertaken wholly at their institution which students at St Andrews can apply for. In these instances, the project will be conceived and supervised by the partner institution for its entire duration. The leadership element of the programme is still controlled by the home University; only the research component is carried out abroad.

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