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How to apply

First steps

Please see the section on eligibility before you start your application

  • Identify a research project and approach potential supervisors. Identify a pre-defined project or a project of your choice. If choosing your own research project it must be separate from any work submitted for credit. A list of pre-defined projects can be found here.
  • Approach a potential supervisor for your project to discuss your idea and explore if they would be willing to supervise your research project. This is a member of academic staff (not a postgraduate student). If you have elected to choose one from the pre-defined list, there will already be a supervisor in place who you should approach to discuss your interest.
  • Confirm the support of your supervisor. Ask your supervisor to provide a statement of support.
  • Submit your application by following the steps below and using the Note of Guidance to support you through the process

Submitting an application

  1. Log into MySaint on the University website.
  2. Click on the ‘My Applications’ tab.
  3. On the ‘Scholarships and Funding’ section, click on ‘View Scholarships and Funding Catalogue’.
  4. Select Academic year “2017/18” and Award type “Projects and Initiatives” and click on the ‘refresh list’ button which will bring up a filter box at the bottom of the page.
  5. Enter ‘Laidlaw’ in the filter box and details of the Laidlaw Programme will come up in your search results.
  6. Click ‘apply’ in the actions column.
  7. Click ‘Start Application’.
  8. Refer to the Notes of guidance (PDF, 357 KB) to assist you complete your application form.
  9. You shall be required to upload:
    1. A statement on how you wish to develop as a leader (300 words max).
    2. A statement on how you intend to develop academically and personally through research (300 words max).
    3. Your agreed project title (You may wish to select one from  the pre-defined list, or generate one of your own).
    4. A statement of support from your project supervisor.

Note: you do not need to complete the application in order or all at once, you can save your application and return at any time.


Briefing session

You can view the briefing session for potential applicants which took place on 1 November below, or via this link: