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2019 scholars and projects

Meet the 2019 Laidlaw Scholars

2019 projects

StudentProject TitleSupervisor
Aimee Bebbington Under Pressure: Measuring Nanometre Distance Changes in Biomolecules Dr Janet Lovett
Riccardo Bonzano Dissipative Quantum Phase Transitions in Systems with Memory Dr Brendon Lovett
Thomas Burdge Understanding Experience of Time Dr Simon Prosser
Aaron Carruthers Models of Cloud Development Prof David Dritschel
Rebekah Cathcart The Scottish Opposition to Sir Robert Warpole in 1739-42 Dr Max Skjönsberg
Rory Changleng Bright Green Dot or Red Tide? How the Colour of Earth's Early Oceans Controlled Evolution of Life Dr Tim Raub
Molly Chung Investigating Mathematical Patterns in Music Prof Peter Cameron
Steph Coulter Hungary's Illiberal Turn and the EU's Response; Consequences for the Future of the Union Dr Mateja Peter
Matthew Cunningham The Development of Curveplotting Dr Isobel Falconer
Charlotte Doherty War and Religious Change Dr Madhavi Nevader
Aubrey George Visualising War: Interplay Between Battle Narratives in Ancient and Modern Cultures

Dr Nicolas Wiater

Dr Alice Konig

Thibaut Goldsborough Determination of Plant-Controlled Traits Regulating the Highly Diverse Symbiotic Communities Found in the Traps of Carnivorous Pitcher Plants (Nepenthes spp.) Prof Graeme Ruxton
Anna Harris

Examining Key Similarities and Differences Between the Versions of the Works of Julian of Norwich Associated with Syon Abbey and those in the Sloane and Stowe Manuscripts to Understand What They Indicate About the Understanding and Acceptance of Julian of Norwich's Ideas and Theology

Dr Harriet Archer
Joseph Horsnell Separatism in Quebecer and Tuareg Political Discourse Dr Jeffrey Stevenson Murer
Mostin Hu Investigating the Role of the Autophagy Response in Intracellular Parasite Infections Dr John Lucocq
Finlay Langham Soapbox Poetry: Exploring the Politics of Edinburgh's Spoken Word Scene Mr Peter Mackay
Annie Layhe Dissipative Quantum Phase Transitions in Systems with Memory Dr Brendon Lovett
Joseph Luke Female Computers "A Suitable and Economical Method" for the Royal Observatory Edinburgh Dr Isobel Falconer
Darsh Manoj Analysing the Factors Which Could Affect Speed of a Task and Their Effects on Performance Dr Susmit Sarkar
Geraint Morgan How and Why Did the Roles of Women Change in Pre-Edwardian Medieval Wales (c.750 - c.1280) Dr Alex Woolf
Reuben Morris-Dyer Conceptions of the Sonic Body: Technology, Embodiment, Gender Dr Lucy Donaldson
Hannah Pedone Climate Change and the Inter-Temporal Problem: Analysing Environmental Risks in an Age of Uncertainty Prof David Ulph
Emma Porter Walking the Path of Medieval Inquisition Prof Frances Andrews
Mathilde Roze Life Trajectories, Hopes, and Equality of Opportunity in Elite Secondary Education: the Case of Mariama Ba Boarding School, Senegal Dr Matia Fumanti
Panth Shah A Study to the Extent to Which Elements of the WHO Action Plan Were Followed in the Major Pandemics Which Have Occured Since 2007

Prof Frank Sullivan (St Andrews)

Prof Rosemary Taylor (Tufts)

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