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International Students: Befriending Scheme


International students for whom English is not their first language are invited to contact Fiona Barnard (see Chaplaincy Team), who is the Chaplaincy link with students and spouses from overseas. Fiona runs the International Student befriending scheme.

Who are befrienders, and what do they do?

Befrienders live in or around St Andrews. They want you to feel at home in St Andrews and to enjoy your time in Scotland. They are volunteers who can help you practice your English speaking skills. They can tell you about living in the UK, Scottish traditions and interesting places to visit. They may meet you in a cafe or in their homes, or may take you to see local places of interest, from time to time during your stay in St Andrews. Some friendships continue for many years after students have left St Andrews.

How does the scheme work?

You will meet your befriender at a pot-luck meal on Saturday 22nd October.  Everyone brings a plate of food to share. After that, the befriender will contact you by phone or e-mail to make arrangements to meet up with you.

When your befriender makes a suggestion to meet:

If you say "yes", you should go. If there is an emergency, and suddenly you can't go, you should phone them before the meeting time to tell them.

It is OK to say "no" if the arrangement is not suitable e.g. the time is inconvenient for you. You can arrange another time. However, if you keep saying "no", your befriender may think you do not want to go with them.

You can contact Fiona on 01334 (46)2866, she is pleased to meet with, and hear from, both students and spouses.

Fiona is delighted to help in the following areas:

1. Assist in helping students to make friends with other overseas students.
2. A hospitality scheme for overseas students to meet St. Andrews residents.
3. Fiona organises events to introduce Christianity to non-native English speakers and holds social events.