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Frotscher helping hands medal for excellence in supporting students

The University of St Andrews is happy to announce that nominations are now open for the annual award of The Frotscher Helping Hands Medal for Excellence in Supporting Students. The prize has been established by the family of two University of St Andrews students in gratitude and recognition of the support those students received at St Andrews.

The purpose of the medal, which can be awarded to staff and students of the University of St Andrews, is to recognise and promote outstanding help, care and support given to a student.

The award will include the presentation of a unique medal in recognition of excellence in supporting others and a cash award of £250.


  1. The award is open to all employees and students of the University of St Andrews.
  2. Any student or employee can nominate another student or employee to receive the award.
  3. Nominations that do not reflect the aims of the award will not be accepted.
  4. The person being nominated for the award must be made aware of and be agreeable to the nomination.
  5. The closing date for nominations will be Friday 14 April 2017.
  6. The Helping Hands Medal panel members will draw up a shortlist from which the winning entry will be chosen.
  7. The award will be presented to the winning entry at a special ceremony on Tuesday 16 May 2017, 10am.

Panel members are:

  • Ailsa Ritchie — Deputy Director of Student Services
  • Donald MacEwan — University Chaplain
  • Jack Carr — Students’ Association, Director of Representation
  • Edward Chlerich — Stewardship Officer, Development

To nominate someone for this award please complete the Helping hands nomination form (Word, 66 KB) and send to

When making your nomination please be aware that helping others can at times touch on sensitive personal issues that if inappropriately disclosed to others may cause unease. Please make sure that in making your nomination you have checked that the people concerned are comfortable with what you are saying and that you have not included anything that would cause offence or discomfort.

Where appropriate we will protect sensitive personal details in keeping with University policy.

Nominations that do not reflect the aims of the award will not be accepted.