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Videos, podcasts and reading

Here you will find an array of extra resources to help supplement your PSC learning. There are bonus interviews with PSC presenters; video clips and case studies of staff and employers talking about key skills they use in their work; great TED talks to explore; and other useful resources. This archive will grow throughout the PSC year, so do keep checking back. 

Podcast highlights

Number 4: St Andrews graduate Sophie George talks about her journey from PSC completer, Etsy store owner and Student Leader of the Year finalist to starting her own business by launching a yoga studio. This podcast features Sophie talking about her business plan, goal setting, organisational skills, and the chicken in Moana!

Number 1: A group of managers from a range of different University roles (Office Manager, School Manager, Project Manager, Library Manager, Residence Manager, Pro-Dean) were kind enough to give the PSC their time to talk about all aspects of being a Manager. We podcasted their discussion for you to listen to here.

Number 2: A manager from an Academic School, IT Team and Training team spoke to the PSC about their own experiences of management, skills that are valuable when managing, and what they wish they had known about managing earlier in their careers. You can listed to their discussion here.

Number 3: The Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the University, Professor Sally Mapstone, spoke about the importance of professional skills and the skills she uses in her role. You can listen to her here.

Interview spotlight

The PSC was delighted to interview Tracey Ashworth-Davies, HR Director for L&G Capital, on her experiences working in the HR sector.


An extended edit can be found here.

Previous Interviews

Hariet Minter, journalist and former editor of the Guardian's Women in Leadership section, shared her thoughts on leadership and professional skills in this PSC Extra Interview.

Duane Carey, former NASA austronaut and a retired lieutenant colonel in the United States Air Force shared some thoughts about leadership and resilience in this PSC Extra Interview.   We also have an Extended edition.

Adventure cameraman and mountaineer, Keith Partridge shares his insights into the professional skills that help him such as working under extreme pressure, team-working, communication and leadership in this PSC Extra Interview.

School of Divinity academic, Professor Mario Aguilar shares his insights into the professional skills he uses in academia in this PSC Extra Interview.

Bonnie Hacking, Enterprise Adviser from the Careers Centre at the University of St Andrews shared her thoughts on students developing enterprise skills in the PSC Extra Interview.

Skills employers will love

'Employability skills', as defined are UK Commission for Employment and Skills, are the skills almost everyone needs to do almost any job. Most of these, although familiar to us, are hard to get right at first. We compiled extra resources to help you explore in depth what each of the skills is, how to develop it, and how to use it in the most effective way. 


Leadership is not an easy task, but a very rewarding one. How do you become a good leader? What do great leaders have in common? Let's find out!

What it takes to be  great leader (TED Talk): Listen to Roselinde Torres share her fascinating research and discuss three crucial questions that need to be asked by a potential leader.

7 Characteristics of Hugely Successful Female Leaders: Taylor Swift, Indira Ghandi, Oprah... what qualities made them so hugely successful? 

Everyday leadership (TED Talk): in this inspiring talk, Drew Dudley describes a rather unexpected side of leadership - leadership as an 'everyday act of improving each other's lives'. 

24 Charts Of Leadership Styles Around The World: different cultures may havevery different expectations of their leaders. The fun charts in this article provide a great description of what it takes to be a leader in various countries. 

How great leaders inspire action (TED Talk): Simon Sinek examines examples of Apple, Martin Luther King, and the Wright brothers to come up with a powerful theory of leadership.

An online diversity training resource for students: The best leaders value the diversity of people they work alongside. 

Center for Creative Leadership Podcasts: loads of entertaining podcasts on almost every aspect of leadership!

Great Leadership (blog): an entire blog dedicated to leadership with practical and insightful content. 

5 Ways To Combat The Stress And Loneliness Of Being A Leader: with leadership comes great responsibility, which can feel isolating. Taking care of yourself to avoid it is essential to being an effective leader. 


Sharpen those communication skills and learn how to express yourself concisely and effectively.

Your body language shapes wh you are (TED Talk): Communication can be verbal as well as non-verbal. You can communicate even more effectively if you know how to work with that body language!

The 7 Cs of Communication: Communication Skills Training Video: This short video gives a great checklist to ensure effective communication (both verbal and written!)

Remember "BRIEF" for Efficient Office Communication: a useful mnemonic to write short, conscise emails. 

13 Tools for Resolving Conflict in the Workplace, with Customers and in Life: a full package of advice on improving communication!

10 Tips to Develop Effective Workplace Communication Skills: a general, but a very useful and detailed overview of workplace communication

Evolution of the Workplace - Introvert Style with 6 Essential Communication Skills: introverts are often thought to be worse at communication. This article shows that this is definitely not the case!

The Importance Of Being Inauthentic: an entertaining talk (with lots of scientific facts!) about body language, behavior and business communication


Some people think that resilience is an innate ability - let our resources show you that it is actually a malleable skill that can be honed and improved!

The road to resilience: a great article with an overview of resilience - how to build it up, how to use your past to respond to the future and much more!

Resilience: Anticipate, organise, adapt: a cute video demonstrating how resilience works through creative animation and story-telling.

Cultivating resilience: Greg Eels delivers a TEDx Talk providing a psychological view of resilience and what it really is. 

Building Resilience: still not convinced that resilience is important? Let the Resilience Man tell you all about effect of lack of resilience on brain and what to do about it!

Usefulness of failure: Everyone fails, and often the best learning comes when things go wrong. As a result of an undergraduate summer internship, a new resource all about the usefulness of failure has been produced, featuring advice and case studies. Have a look, and reframe failure as an opportunity for positive learning

Four factors that influence resilience in the workplace: knowing what resilience is and how it works in context of the workplace will being you one step closer to being more resilient! 

Q&A with Daniel Goleman: How the Research Supports Social-Emotional Learning: an informative article on research on social and emotional learning and grit. 

Is Resilience the Secret to Student Success: In this podcast,  experts discuss what resilience looks like and how it can be developed. 


All about time-management tips, fighting procastination and boosting productivity in this section.

How to Manage Time With 10 Tips That Work: ever wondered why time-management courses are rarely effective? Watch this video to find out and learn how you can actually manage your time!

Work Smarter, Not Harder: 21 Time Management Tips to Hack Productivity: this article covers every possible way of minimising distractions and starting to work more productively.

7 Productivity-Boosting Tools to Fight Procrastination: sometimes you just can't help it - it takes you only one click to go from that journal article to Facebook. Find out how to stop procastination!

Effective time management for improved performance: an academic paper covering how effective time management can improve personal and organisational performance as well as communication in various cultural settings.

Break your bad habits: we've all been there: pulling all-nighters, trying to do too many things... this short paper gives some valuable advice on how to overcome those bad habits!

How to manage your time effectively: good old time management advice and a quiz to find out just how effective you are! 

5 Ways to Stop Being Busy and Start Being Effective: quick tips how to work smarter, not harder!

Single-tasking and digital mindfulness (Tech Weekly podcast): a podcast (available for download) about technologies and their impact on our workflow.

Time Management Apps and Tools: simple apps that will make your life much more effective. 

10 Common Time Management Mistakes: Avoiding Common Pitfalls: if you feel inefficient, check out this list of what you may be doing wrong - and how to fix it! 

How to debug your brain: a fun mix of pictures and text on how to trick our brain into working. 


Self-motivation is becoming more and more important in the world of flexible structures and increasing independence in the workplace. Find out how to stay motivated even during the lowest times. 

How to Motivate Yourself: 3 Steps Backed By Science: Let's take a look at what research actually says are effectiveself-motivation methods.

Motivation or Action first? Read on to find out!

BELIEVE IN YOURSELF - Motivational Video: need someone to convince you to believe in yourself? Let Jaret Grossman and Eric Thomas do it in this motivational video!

The puzzle of motivation (TED Talk):What really motivates people? Dan Pink argues that traditional rewards (bonuses, rewards, commissions...) don't work anymore. So what does work and how do you use it within the workplace context?

Motivation Myth "The Sky Has Never Been The Limit": is there a limit to a person's potential? Read and let Dr Moses shatter some motivation myths for you!

Zen Habits – The Only Two Secrets to Motivating Yourself You’ll Ever Need: two great essential principles to live by to keep yourself motivated

8 Steps To Continuous Self-Motivation: a step-by-step instruction to inspire you if you don't know where to start!

Programming your mind for success (TEDx Talk): an entertaining and inspiring on self-motivation, which demonstrates just how much your frame of mind influences decisions, ideas, and potentials. 


Problem-solving and decision-making are what most jobs are about; focusing on problem-solving and decision-making will significantly improve the quality of your work. How do you do it? 

Problem solving: the mark of an independent employee: just how important is problem-solving, really?

Problem solving skills: animation-based video which describes a whole range of different problem-solving techniques!

The simplest ways to improve your problem solving skills: it's all about the solutions.

How people solve problems: read this if you are interested in a more academic approachto problem-solving. This article will provide you with theories and model of problem-solving!

Working backward to solve problems: retrograde analysis is a unique way of problem-solving, which can help in chess, or in a real-life problem!

Change Management: Thinking about how you enact change to improve things

Reflections from professionals

PSC Extra features interviews from external presenters, capturing their expertise and knowledge on professional skills topics. Read more to watch and read our interviews with amazing people: an austronaut, a manager with background in science, a marketing director who used to be homeless and many more to come!

Nadege Minois:  Nadege worked as a scientist for most of her life before she decided to change her career path and become a manager. Read to find out what it takes to make such a sudden change, what managers and scientists have in common and how to improve your leadership skills.

Lieutenant Colonel Carey: an extended version of Duane's interview. Duane Care's rich past as a former NASA austronaut provides an excellent basis for a discussion on leadership and professional skills.

CEO Secrets: An interesting selection of short films from the BBC.


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