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PSC Plus

PSC plus genericThe unit in the University who facilitates the day to day behind the scenes operations for the PSC.

The PSC plus comprises a range of topics aimed at giving depth in a particular skills area and bridges across to various employability sectors. There are several PSC plus programme strands to choose from including (term one) IT Skills, Communication, Consultancy, and (term two) Enterprise, Negotiation, Organisational Psychology and Teaching.

If you think of the PSC programme as being a letter 'T', the PSC Award provides the horizontal breadth across five or more skills areas, whereas the PSC Plus Award provides the vertical depth into a single skills area. The key difference between the foundational PSC Award and PSC Plus is that the Plus programmes comprise of interconnected workshops, designed to build your learning as you progress through the programme.

Embarking on a PSC Plus Award can benefit you in the following ways:

  • Create an opportunity to build on your PSC Award learning by specialising in an in-depth area
  • Challenge yourself to make links between the workshops and apply them to your studies, extra-curricular activities and future career aim
  • Encouraging you to become a life-long learner, keen to continually develop your skill-set
  • Provide evidence that you can commit to a programme, manage your time well and communicate your learning

Those who attend five or more of the plus workshops in a single category, and complete the assessment criteria (which will likely be a reflective essay or short presentation) will be eligible to receive the newly established PSC+award certificate which is also added to your HEAR degree transcript. Those currently working toward the foundational PSC Award are welcome to attend PSC+ workshops if the topic is of interest with their attendance counting toward the eitght stamps required for the foundational PSC award. The current plus workshops on offer are listed below. To find the dates and times of these workshops please visit the 'find a workshop' page  or view all CEED courses and book through PDMS (Personal Development Management System). Please also note, you can view and print your full University branded training record at any time through PDMS.

PSC Plus IT Skills (semester 1)

The assessment criteria for this PSC Plus strand is to submit a 1500 reflective report outlining how you have developed your IT skills through participation in the programme. You should include evidence of changes you have made e.g. appendix of apps you now use; screenshot of infographics or charts you've created; professionalisation of social media etc.

PSC Plus Investment Banking (semester 1 and 2)

Programme objectives:

  • To equip the GIG society with professional skills and connections to university resources to help them in their current & future roles.
  • To prepare society members for talking about their GIG and other professional skills development experience in job applications and at interviews and providing a certificate and a LinkedIn badge to show the professional experience students are gaining through GIG and the PSC+ programme.
  • To allow all society members to develop a set of professional skills throughout the academic year, counting towards the PSC+ Award in Investment Banking.

Assessment Criteria:

  • Participate in at least 5 out of the 9 sessions - This must include at least one 'Excel' session and one 'Financial Valuation' session.
  • Submit one of the following practical elements (choose from the options below):
  1. Write a 1500-word reflective report outlining how you have developed your investment banking skills through participation in GIG and the PSC+ Investment Banking programme. You should include evidence of how you have been able to apply your learning.
  2. Prepare a stock pitch using 5-7 PowerPoint slides. In it, you should use your PowerPoint, Excel and Financial Valuation skills. In addition, include a 500-word essay explaining how you applied what you learned through the PSC+ to create this presentation.

PSC Plus Communication (semester 1)

A series of connected lectures, discussions, case studies, film clips and practical sessions are all delivered in a professional and energised style to enhance your communication skills in business, study, socially and at home. An optional ‘take away’ task will be offered in support of the learning outcomes and a workbook will be provided.

The assessment criteria for this PSC Plus stand is to submit a 1500 reflective report outlining how you have developed your communication skills through participation in the programme. You should include evidence of how you have been able to apply your learning.

 PSC Plus Consultancy (semester 1)

 This strand is provided by the Playfair Consultancy Group.

Please note, Consulting in the New Normal - Panel Speaker Event has been cancelled for semester 1. As an alternate, IT Power-hour: Chart basics in Excel can be completed as part of the PSC+ Consultancy.

The assessment criteria for this PSC Plus strand is to submit a short report (1500 words) on how you would take on a consultancy problem [please see the specific problem here:PSC+ Consultancy Assessment (PDF, 700 KB) ]. You should include reference to the sessions you've attended.

There is also an series of introductory workshops about Consultancy designed and run by students from the Playfair Consultancy Group which run in semester two. These can be used to count towards the foundational PSC Award. This 'Introduction to Consultancy' series can be found by searching 'Introduction to Consultancy' on the online PDMS booking system.

PSC Plus Enterprise (semester 2)

The assessment criteria for this PSC Plus strand will be a short presentation demonstrating how you have implemeted enterprise skills across the semester. You can learn more about the programme and assesment criteria via PSC Plus Enterprise Assessment (PDF, 442 KB).

 PSC Plus Negotiation (semester 2)

  • Persuasion and Negotiation
  • Mediation 1
  • Mediation 2
  • Negotiation 1
  • Negotiation 2
  • Negotiation 3

The assessment criteria for this PSC Plus strand is to submit a poster outlining how you have developed your negotiation skills through participation in the programme. You should include evidence of how you have been able to apply your learning. Selected posters will be displayed at a future conference in mediation and negotiation. You can find some design tips here: PSC plus negotiation poster design tips (PDF, 1,088 KB)

PSC Plus Organisational Psychology (semester 2)

This PSC Plus strand is based on 5 areas of Organisational Psychology, as outlined by the British Psychological Society.

As with other PSC strands, you will be required to attend a number of workshops (one for each of the 5 areas) and also complete one of a choice of projects. Depending on which project you select, on completion you will be required to create either a project plan, a presentation slide deck with presenter notes (10 minutes), a report (1500 words) or a set of draft interview/survey questions. When you embark on the PSC programme, you will be asked to specify which project you intend to work on. The choice of projects can be found here: PSC Plus Org Psych projects (PDF, 562 KB)

In addition, there are three optional case study tutorials. Attendance at these is not mandatory and will not affect the outcome of your award. The case studies will relate to a real life Organisational Psychology project at the university, and will require some pre-reading. Dates are shown below.

  • Case study 1: Tues 25 February, 1300-1400
  • Case study 2: Monday 6 April, 1300-1400
  • Case study 3: Tues 21 April, 1300-1400


 The 5 areas and corresponding workshops are as follows:

  1. Psychological assessment - Workshop: Psychometric Assessment session
  2. Learning, training and development  - Workshop choices: PSC Lecture on Understanding your personality in the workplace or Career choice and decision making or Developing others
  3. Wellbeing at work - Workshop: Resilience or Developing Wellbeing for the Workplace
  4. Work design, organisational change and development - Workshop choices: Managing change or Project management or Organisations and Strategies
  5. Leadership, motivation and engagement - Workshop choices: Leadership Academy development session or Managing a team or Leadership

PSC Plus Teaching (semester 2)

The assessment criteria for this PSC Plus strand is to submit a lesson plan, with an explanation of your design, for one of the following scenarios:

Design a lesson plan for developing a large group (150) of S6 pupils in leadership skills for a day

Or design a lesson plan to teach a medium group (20-30) of S4 pupils study skills for a half day

Or design a lesson plan to teach a small group (6-10) of University students time management skills for a three hour session


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