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PSC Leadership

Leadership is one of the skills that students report they want to develop most. Throughout the academic year we will invite guest speakers to talk exclusively on an aspect of leadership, and these are badged as ‘PSC: Leadership’ events. 

Our PSC Leadership Talks are an innovative format designed to stimulate students’ thoughts about leadership and related topics. Inspiring talks by national as well as internationally renowned speakers aim to give you an introduction to each topic and to spark discussions among the participants. Following those lively debates with our guest speakers, students usually have the chance to explore and practice their leadership skills in tailored workshops or discussion fora conducted by the PSC team. Come and join our vibrant PSC Leadership community at our next event!

In addition, we run a series of leadership practical skills sessions called ‘Leadership in Practice’ delivered by the Tayforth University Officer Training Corps. Many of the students who take part in the PSC feel that this is the most valuable part of their PSC experience in terms of providing learning that has stuck with them. 

The PSC Leadership strand also sponsors the 'St Andrews Student Leader of the Year' award.

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Leadership in Practice Skills Sessions

The skills sessions are based on a leadership programme developed for Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and are led by staff from the Tayforth University Officer Training Corps (TUOTC). The sessions run for two hours and you can visit the ‘Programme’ section for dates and venue information.

Session format

Each session looks at a different component of leadership. There is a short presentation to explore the skill in question, followed by a hands-on small-group practical task to really give you a chance to think about how you behave in real-life situations. (These tasks will also be excellent practice for graduate assessment centres!) Attending the sessions will provide a great way for you to develop your leadership ability. The TUOTC staff will work with you to review your performance objectively, recognizing your own strengths and those areas where you might like to develop further.

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 Session topics

The 6 topics for 'Leadership in Practice' are Leadership, Followership, Positive Personal Impact, Planning, Time Management and Communicaiton.

You can have a look at two examples of the Leadership in Practice sessions below. Following from the presentation, participants take part in some practical activities in an area of leadership, and get personalised feedback on their performance from trained facilitators.


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PSC Coordinator

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