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How the Professional Skills Curriculum works

Getting started

You can engage with the Professional Skills Curriculum (PSC) in two main ways:

  • Use the PSC infrequently by coming along to a few events over the course of the year, or
  • Work towards a PSC Award by completing the programme. 

If you complete the full programme in one academic year, it will be reflected on your transcript. Students in all Academic Schools and in every year of study are welcome to start the programme. Sign up for a workshop or complete an online workshop in your own time. 

The PSC Award

In order to complete the PSC Award, you will need a PSC Passport, which you will recieve at your first PSC event. Once you have your passport, you should:

  1. Complete the skills analysis visa in your new passport to identify five areas in which you want to build your skills.
  2. Use the passport to collect eight or more PSC attendance stamps related to your five professional skills areas. You can find a full list of PSC workshops in the PSC app. For in-person workshops, you can collect your stamp at the beginning or end of a session. For online workshops, you can simply note the course name in your passport and collect your stamp later. 
  3. Submit a 1,500 word reflective essay about your experience and submit this via Moodle. (Advice on your essay can be found in the PSC Reflective Essay Guidelines (PDF, 68 KB))
  4. Verify your stamps and collect a certificate of completion from CAPOD. You will need to visit the CAPOD offices - in the Hebdomodor's Building in St Salvator's Quad - between 9am and 4.30pm any weekday to do this.

In order to have your PSC achievement added to your academic transcript and gain your certificate, remember to complete all steps within the timeframe: 1 September - 1 June

ILM endorsement

As the PSC is also endorsed by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) you have the option to purchase a certificate endorsed by the ILM which includes a 6-month studying membership of the ILM if you gain a PSC Award.  Purchases can be made from the University shop.

ILM centre


P‌SC electronic badges

We recognise many of our PSC awards with electronic badges as well as traditional certificates. Electronic badges can be displayed on your LinkedIn profile, and more information can be found on our electronic badge page.


Catriona Wilson
PSC Coordinator
Phone: (01334) 46 2558


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