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Welcome to the Professional Skills Curriculum

The Professional Skills Curriculum (PSC) is the University's way of equipping you with essential skills to boost your employability. Managed by the Careers Centre, powered by CEED, and supported by the Students' Assocation, the PSC is free and open to all University students.  

For academic year 20/21, the PSC will be running virtually. You will be able to attend live workshops, view pre-recorded sessions, or complete our online workshops.


The PSC opened on 1 September and will remain open until 1 June. Come and visit us at Societies Fayre, complete our online workshops, or come along to any of our face-to-face workshops and lectures.

The PSC exists to develop the professional and employability skills of all students. We offer in-person and online workshops based on the University’s 20 Graduate Attributes. All students are welcome to attend our workshops and there is no commitment; you can come to as many or as few sessions as you want. Attend eight workshops and submit a reflective essay to complete the programme and gain a PSC Award, which is recognised on your HEAR degree transcript and endorsed by the Institute of Learning and Management. Start today to boost your future career. 

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