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Wednesday memos information for students

The Wednesday Memo is an email sent each Wednesday lunchtime to undergraduate and postgraduate students alerting them to messages which have been posted over the past week on the Memos website:

These memos are of relevance and interest to all students providing information from administrative and academic staff, the Students' Association and student societies.

You can also view the memos at the bottom of these pages. For UG students: Current Students web page and PG students: Current Postgraduates web page

Submitting Memos

Any student within the groups listed above can post a memo here:

Memos are moderated by Publications and you will receive an automated email once your memo has been reviewed.

The memos information should:

  1. Be directly associated with the University and its business.
  2. Be of relevance to staff and/or students.
  3. Be as brief as possible, as space is at a premium, sent in plain text (not html or table format), and include the sender's name and contact email address, both of which will be posted online with the message.
  4. Include a short descriptive title, and the intended target audience (staff, and/or undergraduate or postgraduate students).


A Wednesday Memos email is sent to undergraduate and postgraduate students at around 12.30pm each Wednesday with a list of the memos which have been posted over the past week. To ensure your memo is listed in that week's email, please supply information by 11am on Wednesdays.



To submit information about events, please go to the submit an event page.