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Visiting days and individual tours

Visiting days and individual tours

Involvement in our visiting days requires you to have a degree of freedom on Wednesdays during term.  Depending on your availability, participation ranges from meeting and greeting students at College Hall, to supervising departmental talks and conducting tours of the town and university accommodation. For all ambassadors other than associates (see Progression page) ambassadors are remunerated for their time on Visiting Days.

In addition to our organised Visiting Days, our ambassadors are also responsible for leading tours for those students who visit the University outside the set visiting days. These tours tend to last around forty-five minutes to an hour and are typically (although not exclusively) conducted by our senior ambassadors.

Guidelines for student ambassadors concerning registration, town and historical tours can be found in the document below.  Both new and returning ambassadors who are involved with visiting days should make sure that they are familiar with this advice.

Registration and Tour Guidelines (Word, 60 KB)