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Excelling within your role as a Student Ambassador will ensure consideration to progress within the scheme, allowing you to take on more responsibility and be considered for additional work opportunities.


When associates first join the Ambassador scheme, they complete one academic year as an "Associate" Ambassador. During this year, work is unpaid.


With the completion of the "Associate" year, the majority of ambassadors are subsequently invited to become full ambassadors. From this point onwards on Visting Days will be paid. Students who have worked for a full year within either School Projects and Initiatives or Visiting Days are eligible to apply for a full ambassador role and thus paid for involvement with Visiting Days in the future, as well as the additional work opportunities which come up throughout the year . Please note: the majority of work undertaken for School Projects and Initiatives during semester time is done so on a voluntary basis.

Senior Ambassador

These individuals are trusted with additional responsibilities and encouraged to set an example for others to follow.  Additional work such as tours outside regular visiting days is typically offered to our Senior Ambassadors team first.

Ambassadors are promoted to a senior position in recognition of their hard work and support to the Ambassador Scheme. 

Principal Team

At any stage after the first associate year, ambassadors are eligible to apply for a job in the Principal Team.  This is the highest level of involvement in the Ambassadors Scheme.  As part of the principal team, the time commitment to Ambassadors increases significantly, however the jobs provide excellent opportunity for you to learn a little more about the University and gain experience in the management of other ambassadors. The Principal team roles and responsibilities are listed below: 

  • Principal
  • Vice Principal College Hall
  • Vice Principal Halls/Subject VDs
  • Vice Principal Afternoons
  • Vice Principal Individual Tours
  • Vice Principal Widening Participation ×2