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As Ambassadors progress through the scheme, they are entrusted with additional opportunities which develop leadership skills.

Ambassadors will be promoted from Associate (voluntary position) to Junior (paid position) after working 5 hours in one semester. The details of what counts toward these 5 hours will be covered in training. You are responsible for monitoring this and for contacting once your 5 hours have been reached.

Promotions from Junior to Senior Ambassador are decided by the Principal Team and are based on the number of hours worked, engagement and enthusiasm, as well as feedback from University staff. 

Associate, Junior, and Senior Ambassadors may apply for a position on the Principal Team, but associates in their first year of study will not be considered.

Associate Ambassador

The vast majority of Ambassadors enter the Scheme as Associates.  This is a voluntary position, which allows Ambassadors to acquire the knowledge and skills they will need later.  Associates are encouraged to gain experience in both WP projects and Visiting Days.

Junior Ambassador

The responsibilities of a Junior Ambassador remain mostly the same as an Associate Ambassador. The main difference is that Juniors are paid for their time. Some (particularly WP) opportunities remain voluntary – this will be made clear in advance. Postgraduates and those on the William & Mary programme, who submit a successful application to the Scheme, are automatically Junior Ambassadors.

Senior Ambassador

Senior Ambassadors are trusted with additional leadership opportunities (e.g. tour training Associates) and may be offered work outside Visiting Days and Widening Participation projects (e.g. school visits, individual tours).

Principal Team

The Principal Team is the Student Ambassador leadership team. The positions on the Principal Team are the most senior University-appointed student positions. The Principal Team comprises 8 individuals, each with responsibility for an area of the Scheme. Members are appointed by Admissions, following a written application and interview process.


For promotions to Junior and Senior roles, the Principal Team discuss the suitability of each Ambassador individually for promotion during a team meeting. The Principal Team will consider both the number of hours worked and observations made by Admissions staff, members of the Principal Team and Senior Ambassadors. Some promotions may be offered in December; however, the vast majority of Junior and Senior promotions take place in May every year. Principal Team members are appointed annually by Admissions staff following written application and interview processes. Any ambassador, regardless of their current role, is eligible to apply to the Principal Team.