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Associate Ambassador

When students first join the Student Ambassadors, they complete a period of service as an Associate Ambassador. During this period, work is unpaid and allows Ambassadors to acquire the knowledge and skills they will need as they progress in the scheme. Associate Ambassadors are encouraged to gain experience and training in several areas of the Ambassador Scheme. Exposure to both widening access and participation projects and visiting days is highly encouraged.

Junior Ambassador

The responsibilities of a Junior Ambassador remain mostly the same as an Associate Ambassador, however a contract is arranged that allows Juniors to be paid for their work on visiting days and other projects. Some (particularly widening participation) opportunities remain voluntary, and this will be made clear in advance of the work. All Juniors who intend to work at visiting days must be tour trained. Junior Ambassadors are also offered some additional opportunities such as the option to apply to the talk and tour team. Postgraduate Students who submit a successful application to the Scheme will be offered the position of Junior Ambassador without serving as an Associate Ambassador.

Senior Ambassador

Seniors are trusted with team leadership responsibilities and are offered work out with visiting days and widening participation projects, such as greeting VIP visitors, photo shoots and External Events.

Principal Team

Led by the Principal Ambassador, the Principal Team is the Student Ambassador leadership team. The members of the Principal Team are appointed by the University annually and are each responsible for an area of the scheme. All Ambassadors, regardless of whether they are Associate, Junior or Senior, are eligible to apply for a position in the Principal Team. This is the highest level of involvement as a Student Ambassador and positions on the Principal Team are the most senior university appointed student positions. The Principal Team comprises 7 individuals, each with their own responsibilities and remits.


For promotions to Junior and Senior roles, the Principal Team discuss the suitability of each Ambassador individually for promotion during a team meeting. The Principal Team will consider both the number of hours worked and observations made by Admissions staff, members of the Principal Team and Senior Ambassadors. Some promotions may be offered in December; however, the vast majority of Junior and Senior promotions take place in May every year. Principal Team members are appointed annually by Admissions staff following written application and interview processes. Any ambassador, regardless of their current role, is eligible to apply to the Principal Team.