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Travel plan

‌With almost 2,500 staff and over 8,000 full-time students, the University has a great impact on north east Fife, and St Andrews in particular. The choice of transportation can have significant effects on the town and surrounding area.

However, there are a number of alternatives to driving to work by yourself - walking, cycling, using public transport, or car-sharing. The University has developed its own Travel Plan to try and facilitate the use of more sustainable means of transport.

The University of St Andrews has produced the Travel Plan 2015 (PDF, 436 KB) to set out what steps it would be taking to manage its transport impacts. Development of the Plan included a travel survey of staff and students to establish existing travel patterns, attitudes towards different modes of transport, and priorities for the introduction of new measures.

Travel surveys of staff and students are now being carried out every three years with the results being used to update our Travel Plan.

2015 Surveys

The 2015 Travel Survey results reports are available here Staff Travel Survey Report 2015 (PDF, 1,129 KB)

2012 Surveys

 Staff Travel Survey Report 2012 (PDF, 943 KB)

Student Travel Survey Results 2012 (PDF, 253 KB)

2009 Surveys

Staff Travel Survey (PDF, 287 KB)

Student Travel Survey (PDF, 184 KB)

2006 Surveys

Survey results for staff (PDF, 71 KB)

Survey results for students (PDF, 28 KB)

The Travel Plan is an ongoing means of addressing change and has been incorporated within the University of St Andrews Sustainable Development Policy & Strategy 2012 to 2022 (PDF, 156 KB) . The Strategy includes the following Policy Commitment:

"Reducing atmospheric pollution and resource use, and improving the local environment, through encouraging more sustainable travel alternatives to, from and between University sites."

Reducing reliance upon the private car offers benefits for health and the environment and can reduce travel expenses. The Environment Team are working alongside schools, units and residences and also in partnership with Fife Council to widen travel options for staff, students and visitors.

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