Resources for victims of sexual misconduct

If you have been sexually assaulted, you did not deserve this.

  • You do not have to cope on your own.
  • There are many support services which can help you; they will respect and believe you.

Remember, there are no excuses for rape or sexual assault:

  • The victim is never to blame, whatever they were wearing.
  • The victim is never to blame, even if they have said ‘yes’ to other sexual activities.
  • The victim is never to blame, however much they have had to drink.
  • The victim is never to blame; no-one has a “right” to sex.

There is no right or wrong way to react to a sexual assault – each person affected will react differently. Whatever you are feeling, it is important to keep your choices open as to what you might want to do. Some people who have experienced a sexual assault will not tell anyone about it for a long time. However, distress may still surface a considerable time after the event. There is no time limit on seeking the help and advice of counsellors, your GP, the local Police and other support services.


Comprehensive information - including how rape and sexual assault might affect you, how to look after yourself, how the legal system works in Scotland and where to get help and more information – is available from the Scottish government: Information and Help After Rape and Sexual Assault. Details on how to access Dundee's sexual assault referral network (SARN) are available in the sexual assault referral network (PDF, 271 KB) leaflet.

Student Services

79 North Street
Phone: Daytime 01334 462020

Eden Court
The Scores
Phone Daytime 01334 462720

Out of Hours call 01334 476161 or dial 0 from an internal phone and ask the Out of Hours officers for the duty Student Services person to call you back.


Contact your doctor at the Community Hospital (according to your surname).

If you call between 8.30am and 9.00am and ask to speak to the Practice Nurse you will be able to get a quick appointment that day.

  • A - Nt Pipeland Medical Centre 01334 477477
  • Nu - Z Blackfriars Medical Practice 01334 476840

SHACC Clinic (Sexual Health and Contraceptive Counselling) – offers a complete Genito-Urinary screening.

Tuesdays 12.30pm - 4pm
Clinical Skills area, 3rd floor of the School of Medicine building, North Haugh
Drop in or call 01334 462720 to book an appointment

St Andrews Police Station

68 Pipeland Road,
St Andrews,
KY16 9AE
Tel: 101 And, of course, 999 if there is an urgency or emergency situation

Getting support or help from external agencies

Abuse, whether a one-off or persistent, is difficult to talk about. Telling someone can be an important step towards support, protection and recovery.

  • Rape Crisis Helpline - 08088 010302 - Helpline open 6pm till 12am (midnight)
  • Fife Rape and Sexual Assault Centre - 01592 642336
  • Kingdom Abuse Survivors Project - 01592 644217
  • Safe Space - 01383 739084
  • Victim Support Fife - 0845 241 2126 - Helpline is open Monday to Friday 8am-8pm
  • Women’s Rape and Sexual Assault Centre – 01382 201291 - Helpline opening hours - Monday 12-2pm; Tuesday 10am-12pm; Wednesday 7-9pm; Thursday 2-4pm; Friday 7-9pm
  • Rape Crisis Helpline - 08088 010302