Disclosure guidance for staff

If you are approached by a student for advice and support in relation to any unwanted behaviour that may involve sexual harassment or with regards to an alleged sexual assault, please bring them along to Student Services at Eden Court or call the Advice and Support Centre (2020) and Student Services staff will either come along to meet the student or make an immediate appointment for them. For out of hours, please call 01334 476161 and ask to speak to the Student Services duty manager.

Please be aware that if you note anything down, you may be called as a witness if the student reports the incident to the police.

If a student sends a School an email reporting this in the context of an academic adjustment, such as deferred coursework submission, please reply to the email with sensitivity and include the following link: http://www.st-andrews.ac.uk/students/advice/personal/sexual-misconduct/. Copy Student Services into the email (support.advice@st-andrews.ac.uk) and let the student know that someone from Student Services will contact them.

Please reassure the student that the University will not usually report an incident of this nature to the police on someone’s behalf (see information about confidentiality below). Student Services will simply outline the range of options open to them and support them in their decision. If a student does not wish to involve the police, we shall respect that, but can advise on other courses of action, as well as the internal and external help available to them.


All information concerning sexual assault and sexual violence should be treated in confidence as far as possible, and information should only be shared on a need-to-know basis. However, there may be circumstances in which confidentiality cannot be maintained, and the police may be notified where the complainant or other members of the community are thought to be in serious or immediate danger.