Sexual Health


Sexual health is part of your physical and mental health. If you’re sexually active at university, it is important to stay safe and to be informed of different sexual health related difficulties which you may experience at some point in your life.

Anyone can get a free STI test, regardless of sexuality or gender. Using condoms is one way to prevent contracting and spreading an STI, as they can be symptomless. Getting tested regularly can prevent you passing on infections or causing any long term health difficulties.

Most sexual health services have been adapted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, however, services like emergency testing and support for unplanned pregnancy will still be available. 

What support do we offer? 

Student Services do not offer sexual health services, such as testing or emergency contraception. Students can contact the Student Health Hub at the community hospital, which is run by Student Services, for queries regarding health care services. You can email or telephone 01334 465777. You can book an appointment to speak to a member of staff or email for advice. You can also see our latest groups and workshops on our Instagram

Alternative Internal Support

You can access self-help through various University channels such as:

External Support

If you would like to access some self-help materials here are a list of alternative support resources.