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Feeling Down or Depressed

Everyone's mood naturally varies over time, and from day to day, and everyone gets down sometimes.   We may feel disheartened about something that happens or when things don't go the way we would have liked.   Although people often say 'I'm depressed', this would not usually be what is called clinical depression.  It is simply part of the normal ups and downs of life.   Some people naturally experience frequent mood changes, while others have a relatively stable equilibrium.

So, the distinction between feeling down and being depressed is one of both degree and duration, i.e. a low mood becomes problematic when it is frequent, persistent and begins to affect the ability to function in areas of life, like work, relationships, social activities and self-esteem.   Depression includes a persistent low mood and loss of interest or pleasure in life.  If you think you may be depressed, you can see your GP

You are welcome to come to ( ) to talk to one of our Advisers or Counsellors, perhaps just for some initial advice or if you feel you want to take things further.  You can drop in to make an appointment either at The ASC (The Advice and Support Centre) at 79 North Street, or our offices at Eden Court on The Scores.   Alternatively, you can:-

Phone: 01334 462020


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You may find the following leaflet helpful:-



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Useful Websites 

Student Services has invested in this online package with E-Books, videos and worksheets. If you would like to talk about the material or have questions, then please contact the Support Advice Team at Student Services.

St Andrews Healthy Body Healthy Mind

Mood GYM

Students Against Depression

St Andrews Depression and Anxiety Support Group


Student Services

To contact Student Services, you can drop in to make an appointment either at The ASC (Advice and Support Centre) at 79 North Street, or our offices at Eden Court on The Scores. Alternatively, you can:-

Phone: 01334 462020





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