Digital Support Programmes

We recognise that access to wellbeing and mental health resources is key for our student community. We have compiled a range of resources on our A-Z Wellbeing, and some online Wellbeing talks, and students can access more comprehensive programmes for wellbeing and mental health via two resources highlighted below: SilverCloud and Togetherall.

Please note that these resources are not intended or suitable for crisis situations, and are proactive, preventative programmes. If you or a student you know are in a crisis, please see: In Crisis Now?

Togetherall  - (This service will be available until February 2023. After this time SHOUT will be the supported platform for students to use).

What is Togetherall?

Togetherall is a clinically-moderated online community where people support each other to improve mental health and wellbeing. The platform offers anonymous, peer-to-peer interactions, opportunities for creative expression and a range of accessible programmes supporting health, wellbeing and mental health challenges. 

How can I access Togetherall?

Students between the ages of 16-24 in Fife and Tayside (26 if care experienced) can access Togetherall by selecting 'my area is registered' and entering their full postcode.

Please note that Togetherall access is provided by Fife Council, and selecting 'I'm a university student' on the registration page will not provide access. Please also note that the University or Student Services will not have visibility of your Togetherall access or programmes.

Students resident outwith these areas or who are not 16-24 may find the resources linked above (Silvercloud, A-Z Wellbeing, Wellbeing Talks) useful and are warmly welcome to access our service for any help with identifying useful self-help resources that meet your needs.


Silvercloud Logo

SilverCloud CBT

What is SilverCloud?

SilverCloud offers a wide range of online CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) programmes that offer information, lived experience stories, evidence-based tools and easy to use resources. Programmes address areas including and not limited to:

  • Anxiety, Depression, Panic, OCD, Phobias
  • Stress, Resilience, Mindfulness
  • Positive body image
  • Sleep hygiene
  • Money worries
  • Health anxiety and chronic pain

How can I access Silvercloud?

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