Alcohol and Drugs


Coming to university offers us many personal choices, and the university recognises that students may choose to use recreational substances, such as alcohol. This can lead to personal, social, academic and health issues when misused. At St Andrews, we encourage all our students to take their own welfare seriously by making positive lifestyle choices. We are here to support you to make positive choices and changes to your life. 
Occasionally, students can find themselves in situations where they may feel pressured to partake in activities that go against their personal choice. We would encourage you to maintain your own personal boundaries, but if this situation persists, you can see the advice under “Bullying & Harassment”. You can also make an appointment with Student Services to discuss this.  

What support do we offer? 

If you realise you are struggling with substance misuse, that its self is the first step to recovery. Student Services can work collaboratively with you to help you make changes to your life that can help you manage your misuse, and make positive changes. We may discuss a referral to your GP or a specialist third-sector organisation, if appropriate. 

Internal Support

You can access self-help and alternative support through various University channels such as:

  • GotLimits: is a student initiative working to promote health, safety, and inclusivity around alcohol in St Andrews.  Got Limits runs training workshops for committees, shares resources, and holds events where all students can fully enjoy the St Andrews social scene whilst feeling safe, comfortable, and included.
  • Chaplaincy Pastoral Care Service are available to offer pastoral care for any student or member of staff, regardless of faith or philosophy of life.

External Support

If you would like to access some self-help materials here are a list of alternative support resources;