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Buddy and mentoring schemes

Please note, you must have an unconditional offer from us or have met your conditions of a place to sign up to our mentoring schemes.

The University of St Andrews has a wide range of buddy and mentoring schemes to help students transition into or through the University. The schemes are organised into those which are open to any students, those for undergraduates, and those for postgraduates. Please browse the schemes to find those relevant to you, and the link to the on-line applicaiton forms.

We recognise that the success of the mentoring schemes depends on student volunteers who give up their time to act as mentors and guide and advise their mentees. Mentors can achieve recognition in the form of a mentoring electronic badge which can be added to their LinkedIn page.

Questions from mentees

Can I join more than one scheme?

Yes, you can join more than one scheme but you might wish to reflect on whether there’s value in having multiple mentors. For example, you might want to join an academic scheme plus one of the ‘all-student’ schemes like Music or Sport.

I’m a joint honours student. Which scheme/s should I join?

If you are a joint honours student and there are schemes running in both your schools, we’d encourage you to think about which subject you have the most questions about and opt to join that one first.

I’ve not got my results to meet my conditional offer; can I still sign up?

No. Unfortunately mentoring schemes are only open to students who have an unconditional, firm offer.

My academic school doesn’t have a scheme

We’re working on this! However, you are welcome to join one of the ‘all-student’ schemes in Sport or Music.

I’ve signed up and my mentor hasn’t been in touch. What should I do?

We ask mentors to send the first email to mentees. If it has been a week and you haven’t heard from your mentors, please feel free to email them. If you still don’t receive a reply please email

What sort of things can I ask my mentor?

Your mentor will have experience of life and study in St Andrews so you can ask them any questions about this. Previous mentees have told us that they asked questions about the transition to University, what to bring to St Andrews, what lectures and tutorials are like, what clubs and societies are on offer etc. Please remember than your mentor is not able to provide specific academic advice.

Is there a difference between mentoring and buddy schemes?

No! The schemes all have the same aims but might be called slightly different things.

How will I communicate with my mentor? I don’t arrive in St Andrews until September.

That’s ok! The schemes are designed to put mentees and mentors in touch with each other over the summer months. You might choose to communicate via email, social media, skype etc. but it would be up to you and your mentor to agree on how you keep in touch.

What do I do if I have any questions about the scheme?

The schemes have  a handbook which you can find on these webpages but if your question still isn’t answered, email

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