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Do No Harm Framework


In partnership with the Rector’s Committee, Student Services have co-created a ‘Do No Harm’ Framework, underlining the service’s commitment to ethical principles and enhancing communication, clarity and confidence with our student community. The framework has been developed with students, for students, with contributions from the Student Services Participation and Engagement and Open Forum groups, alongside student consultations led by the Rector’s Committee.

The core aims behind this initiative are:

  • To create a shared statement which will provide greater clarity and understanding for staff and students on the mechanisms that ensure support services are safe, caring, open and participatory, responsive, continuously improving and striving to uphold the Hippocratic principle to ‘do no harm’.
  • To build further trust in Student Services as a support service that is participatory, open and always seeking to continuously improve. We recognize that building trust is a means of risk reduction in that Students are more likely to seek help if they trust the body providing support and assistance. While the APPTS (the Accreditation Programme for Psychological Therapies Services) provides Student Services with a robust framework for upholding the hippocratic oath, the Do No Harm framework provides a clarifying statement for student-centred communications, and guidelines or information specific to the St Andrews community.
  • To ensure avenues are clear for feedback, complaints and opportunities for participation – this is vital for any occasion whereby DNH standards have not been met. DNH aims to enhance awareness that service-user and student feedback makes a big difference to the Rector’s Committee and Student Services.

 Do No Harm Framework (PDF, 586 KB)

The University of St Andrews acknowledges that the Do No Harm (DNH) framework is adapted from the original framework developed by Options Consultancy Services for The Girl Generation. Permission to reproduce and adapt the framework for use at the University of St Andrews is granted subject to this acknowledgement.