Students in hospital

Academic information

If you find you are in hospital - or expect to be in the near future, let the University know by informing Student Services.  They will guide you as to who you need to tell in your academic school and in your residence. 

Your health must be your priority and it is hoped that your situation improves and you are able to return to your studies quickly.  This page contains the relevant information for working out how best to continue your studies.

Whilst in Hospital

Our Chaplaincy team are told when a student is in hospital, so that they can offer support.  They’ll get in touch and offer to speak to you or visit you.  They support students of any faith or philosophy of life.  Or you could contact them directly ( 462866,  Chaplains can help to share messages from students in hospital (with your permission) with Student Services or others, as communication may not be easy when in hospital, and especially when you are unwell.

Your school/s

If you are in hospital, you will be absent from classes and also possibly assessments or exams.  You may also have assessment deadlines which will be affected.  Normally, a student would fill in the Self-Certificate of Absence and contact the school themselves about arranging any changes to assessments and deadlines.  When a student is unable to do this, Student Services can let the school know.  If you do have access to the internet, you may be able to complete the Self-Certificate of Absence.
Depending on your level of study, and the seriousness of your illness, you may need to take a Change of Circumstances for the rest of the semester.  If you are absent towards the end of a semester, the school may be able to offer deferred/alternative assessment.
To contact your school, please phone the University switchboard on 01334 476161.

Associate Deans Students and Associate Provost Students

You can apply to take a Change of Circumstances if you feel that your health problems will be of significant detriment to your studies.  If your illness results in your absence from studies for more than 2 consecutive weeks, you must apply for a Change of Circumstances.  You should contact the relevant Associate Dean as soon as possible.
If you are an undergraduate or taught postgraduate student, email
If you are a research postgraduate, email

Residence Staff (if you are living in a Halls of Residence)

If you live in a Halls of Residence, Student Services will have to let the Wardens and Residence Team know that you are in hospital.  This is in case you require any special arrangements when you return, and also for Fire Safety regulations.

The University will not discuss your personal details with anyone outside of the University due to Data Protection regulations.

Once you have left hospital (to return either to St Andrews or elsewhere)

Contact Student Services (; 01334 462020).  They will already be aware of your situation.  If you haven’t done so already, you will need to self certify and contact the school/s.  You may have already been contacted by email by the schools and Associate Dean Students with some options for your consideration. You can discuss these options with Student Services. If you are requiring assistance outside of office hours then please contact our Security and Response Team who are available 24/7 on +44 (0)1334 46 8999 or by email

You can also look at information about absence reporting.