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Illness affecting study

In the event of missing class due to illness, please see Absence reporting.

If health problems are impacting on your studies, why don't you call the Student Health Hub at the Community hospital (01334 465777) and talk with our member of staff there who will advise you on who to notify in the University.   The staff member there will treat your information confidentially and refer you within Student Services to get the appropriate recognition with your academic team and also assist you with any medical recommendation you need to acquire.  Calling the Health Hub will help you know how to navigate this difficult area - not all medical situations require a doctor's note so don't assume you need to contact a doctor.  Speak to the Student Health Hub. 


The Student Health Hub

The Student Health Hub
St Andrews Community Hospital and Health Centre
Largo Road

St Andrews
KY16 8AR
Scotland, United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)1334 (46)5777


Health issue videos