Hospitals and Emergency Care

The nearest Hospital is the St Andrews Community Hospital. Only minor injuries are dealt with at this hospital. Please see below what can be treated.

Accident and Emergency (A&E) services for more serious conditions are at Ninewells Hospital, Dundee and Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy.

If your or someone else's life is at risk, then call 999 and ask for the ambulance service. (Note: If you are using a phone in a Hall of Residence, the number to ring is 9-999). For other help and assistance call NHS 24 on 111 where you will speak to a Nurse on the phone who can give you advice and, if necessary, arrange further assistance for you. Please note that you will only be able to access this service if you have a UK telephone number. All international students must change to a UK mobile sim whilst studying in St Andrews in order to access medical services

If you live in a Hall of Residence, you should also contact your warden or Residence Manager.

If you have any concerns or require to report an incident of any type then please contact the Security and Response Team, who are available 24/7, on +44 (0)1334 46 8999 or by email

The Minor Injuries Unit

The Minor Injuries Unit (MIU) is located at St Andrews Community Hospital and can be contacted directly on 01334 465683 - after 6pm call 111 to arrange an appointment.

The service offers treatment to all who have suffered a minor injury from 8am to 6pm each weekday. The MIU can only treat injuries sustained within 7 days. If your injury is older than this, you will need to make an appointment to see a GP/Nurse at the medical practice you are registered with. Those who attend the clinic with more serious injuries will be referred to A&E at either Dundee or Kirkcaldy. 

When should I visit the MIU?

Examples of minor injuries include:

  • Sprains and strains
  • broken bones
  • injuries to your arms
  • injuries to your lower legs - from your knee to your foot
  • cuts and grazes
  • burns and scalds
  • eye injuries (not red eye)
  • minor head injuries
  • insect and animal bites.

What can't the MIU treat?

The clinic does not treat major injuries, stomach pains, pregnancy related problems, mental health problems, chest pains, breathing problems, conditions likely to require hospital admission or problems already being dealt with by your GP (Doctor).


If you are suffering from a minor injury after 6pm, call 111 to arrange an appointment. If you have difficulty with transport and live in a hall of residence you should contact your Warden, or outside of halls, contact the University's Out of Hours Security team (01334 46 8999).

Find more information at NHS Fife.

NHS Inform

Find your nearest GP Practice, Pharmacy, Sexual Health Clinic etc by visiting NHS Inform. It also provides high quality information on more than 800 health conditions and treatments which can be searched by A-Z or body map. Information can easily be printed by section to create an easy to read handout.