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NHS GP Service

The University strongly encourages students to register with the local NHS (National Health Service) primary care facility.  This is based at the local Community hospital (approximately 20 minutes’ walk from the centre of town) and houses two general practices*.  The doctors there (“general practitioners" or GPs) run a comprehensive primary care service, assisted by teams of nurses and healthcare advisors.  The waiting time for an appointment is usually two to three weeks, but urgent appointments are available every day.  Please visit your GP's website for more information on how to make an appointment.

* Feddinch and Strathcairn GP practices merged into a new single practice in April 2016.  More information on the new Pipeland Practice can be found at

Short term study students (1 semester <6 months) are different.

The MenACWY  Vaccine- get it before you come

Meningitis and septicaemia (blood poisoning) are rare but life-threatening diseases. They are caused by several groups of meningococcal bacteria - the most common types are A, B, C, W and Y. Young people have the highest risk of getting meningococcal disease, as well as children and babies

Students going to University for the first time, including overseas and mature students up to the age of 25 must contact their GP to ensure that they have had the MenACWY vaccine before attending University. If they have not then they must arrange this as soon as possible.

Even if you have had the MenC vaccine before, this will only protect you against meningococcal C infection, but not against Men W. Having the MenACWY vaccine will therefore also protect you against the other three meningococcal groups (A, W and Y).

Only if you come from a country where the MenACWY is not available will you be admitted and referred to the local Health Centre where they will have some limited stocks available. Please note that you will be charged extra for this service. 

For more information, please go to or NHS inform meningitis guide.

The MMR Vaccine - get it before you come

You should also have had the full double dose of MMR vaccine to protect from Measles, Mumps and Rubella. If not then you should contact your health practitioner to arrnage this before leaving to come to St Andrews.

For more information, please go to

Registering With a Doctor

Students are free to register with either of the two practices, however for administrative purposes you are encouraged to register according to your family name. You will always be able to change practices without prejudice if you’re not happy at a later date.  If you live outside St Andrews please check the appropriate medical practice website for details of their respective catchment areas.

A new alphabetical split is being introduced for the 2016/17 academic year, although students who are already registered with a GP in St Andrews are not affected by this change.  For any student registering for the first time the practice splits are as follows:

Family name begins withMedical PracticeTelephone
A - Nt Pipeland Medical Practice 01334 476840
Nu - Z Blackfriars Medical Practice 01334 477477

Students will be offered the chance to register with one of the St. Andrews’ GP practices when they matriculate on arrival.  Although you can be allocated a GP practice according to the first initial of your surname, this is merely for administrative ease and you have a free choice to apply to whichever practice you wish. 

However, in order to register, you MUST bring the following:

  1. A letter from your doctor/physician from your home area detailing:
    • Medical conditions experienced over the past year
    • Medical conditions from birth which could have relevance to current health
    • Any current medication
    • Any current treatment
    • Any adverse reactions to  past medication
    • Any allergies
    • full immunisation history
  2. You should bring at least three months’ supply of any medication you are on.
  3. Further – if you are international, you should check that this medication is registered and licensed for use in the UK before you come and if it isn’t you should get advice from your doctor at home before you come about what alternatives you could access.   You should call the practice in St. Andrews which you wish to join if you wish advice prior to arrival in the UK.

Private GP Service

A private GP service is also available in the St Andrews area.  Dr Dan Rutherford holds a clinic at the Student Services premises at Eden Court on Thursdays 12-4pm.  At other times he can be seen at his premises just outside St Andrews.  To make an appointment:

  • Telephone 01334 474209
  • Call in at Eden Court during the clinic times above
  • Book online at (mid September onwards)

See for further details and costs.

Minor health issues

If you have a minor health issue and don't want to bother making an appointment with the doctor, you could consult the pharmacist at either Boots the Chemist on Market Street or the pharmacy at St Andrews Community Hospital.  The pharmacist can be very helpful in giving advice.  Some drugs and medicines can be bought over the counter without a Doctor's prescription.



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