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Health Issues

The Student Health Hub

For any health concerns contact The Student Health Helpline on 01334 465777.

The Universitys Student Health Hub, an office located in the local community hospital, is staffed by University staff who understand how to help you access health advice quickly.

Open Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm.

Check out the Student Health App for help with self-diagnosis and management:

If you would like to share your experiences of UK health services, good or bad, please visit Care Opinion.

While “Doctor” may be the commonly accepted term internationally for a medical service provider, you may not need a doctor – for there are many additional healthcare services available in St Andrews which are sometimes more appropriate. In these webpages you will find a description of these services to help you know where to turn to.

In order to access these services, students are strongly encouraged to ensure that they register with one of the two local GP practices. You can do this as part of the matriculation process shortly after you arrive at the University and you will be guided through the procedure. If you were not able to register during matriculation then please get in touch with The Student Health Hub either in person, by phone 01334 465777 or email and Mandy and her team will assist you with this process. Do not wait until you are feeling unwell to register with the GP practices as this can cause a delay in getting an appointment. All students studying here for longer than 6 months are entitled to free healthcare at point of access.

The healthcare provision for short term study students (here for 1 semester) is different.

Healthcare in St Andrews

Although the University of St Andrews does not have an in-house medical facility, we have now formed a close alliance with the two National Health Service medical practices locally who have many years of experience dealing with the student body and who now provide exclusive student clinic services, funded by the University.  From August 2018 we are pleased to announce that we shall also, in partnership with the NHS and the local doctors, be launching a new Student Health Strategy which sees the introduction of new health services specifically focussed for students, including the setting up of a new Student Health Hub at the Community hospital, Nurse Triage Clinics, Specialist Clinics, a Student Health App for downloading free through Android or iOS, and a Student Health Helpline number to call Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm. 

The Student Health Hub and The Student Health Helpline

The University’s Student Health Hub is an office right in the centre of the local Community Hospital which is staffed by trained members of Student Services. Mandy and her team at the Health Hub can help you access quick and appropriate health support both within the hospital and/or the university. This service is confidential and non-judgemental.  Although the NHS is an independently run service and the university is unable to have any control or influence over clinical decisions, we want to do all we can to help students access the NHS.  The Health Hub is also home to the Student Health Helpline.

When unwell, students are encouraged to call the Student Health Helpline (01334 465777) to speak to Mandy or her team   The receptionist will ask you one or two questions to help guide the direction of your call, and will refer to the appropriate person to help you, including reminding you of the facilities available in the University initially.  These include making an appointment with a Student Services' Adviser, referring to the Student Health App which all students can download on to their smartphones, or referring to material provided in every student's hall of residence room.  If medical assessment is thought to be sensible, the receptionist can assist by directing your call to set up either an appointment or a call back with a Triage Nurse who will discuss your concerns, offer advice or set up an appropriate appointment with either an Advanced Nurse Practitioner or a doctor.  We encourage students to call as early in the day as possible for the best availability of appointments.  Both GP practices have nurses who can treat various ailments so seeing a doctor is not always necessary but if the nurse feels that input is required from a doctor then one will be called through to join you. 

If you have a prior on-going medical condition before arriving at the university then you are encouraged to contact the Student Health Hub to discuss your needs.  The receptionist there will be able to put you in touch with nurses who run Student Health Clinics and who will discuss your needs to try to ensure a seamless transition to your medical care.

The Student Health Hub and the Student Health Helpline are open Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm. You can turn up in person, email, or call Mandy or her team on 01334 465777. 

Student Health App

The University of St Andrews Student Health App is freely available for all students to download and can be used to assist with self-diagnosis and management. The app can be downloaded through Android or iOS. Once downloaded select St Andrews as your location and it will provide you with local information.

Student Health Clinics

These are based in the GP surgeries; Pipeland and Blackfriars. General Nurse triage is offered throughout the day whilst specialist clinics are run every afternoon for chronic diseases and contraception.  Advanced Nurse Practitioners are trained with specialist focus on student issues to assess health concerns, dealing with up to 80% of medical concerns without needing a doctor appointment. However, if input is required from a doctor, then one will be called through from next door to the clinic to assist quickly.   To arrange an appointment, just call the Student Health Hub, 01334 465777 and one of the team will refer you to the appropriate practice

The St Andrews Community Hospital

This is the centre of all medical advice and support and houses doctors, nurses, the University’s Student Health Hub, the Student Clinics, a pharmacy, dentist, minor injuries, outpatients, x-ray, and an extensive range of medical testing facilities.  A newly built facility (next door to Morrisons’ supermarket), its equipment is modern and its staff trained to the Scottish optimum professional level.  It is important that we don’t compromise on student health and so it is therefore crucial that students go up to the hospital to have the full range of comprehensive and professionally joined-up care offered there.

It is not far – just over a mile from the town centre it takes approximately 20 minutes to walk there, costing approximately £3.50 by taxi or there are various buses that either stop at the hospital or nearby. Please visit Stagecoach or Moffat and Williamson for current timetables and fares.


The Student Health Hub

The Student Health Hub
St Andrews Community Hospital and Health Centre
Largo Road

St Andrews
KY16 8AR
Scotland, United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)1334 (46)5777


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