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Transition University of St Andrews

Since its launch in 2009, Transition has been an invigorating new turn in the town and University's much needed move towards becoming zero carbon and zero waste. Along with its strong volunteer base, the group runs a number of different projects and events throughout the year that aim to engage people and promote sustainable living. Some of its biggest projects to date include Edible Campus, which runs 15 community gardens around the town; Bike Pool, which offers a growing bike hire and maintenance service to many; and St AndRe-Use, which provides a way for students to better dispose of unwanted belongings by donating them to others. 

Despite its strong presence there is much work to be done with sustainability initiatives and aptly, Transition continues to grow! The group offers a strong sense of community around its core values of environmental integrity, stewardship, and collective action. Open to students, staff and members of the local community, the Transition team is always looking to expand its volunteer base. So, if you are interested in the sound of any of the projects mentioned above, sustainability in general, or simply getting outside and meeting people then Transition and its many projects are for you. 

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