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Green living

St Andrews has a number of on-going environmental and sustainability projects taking place within both the university and the St Andrews community as a whole. These include Green Week, energy monitoring, Transition University and the Green Tourism business scheme to name but a few.

Interest in these local projects has recently increased; improving Town & Gown relations as well as motivating others to do their bit. A single individual switching to locally produced food will have little impact on the town’s sustainability but with the combined force of the St Andrews student and local populations starting to make more environmentally friendly choices, we can start to imagine a greener future. 

By raising awareness of green initiatives amongst the student population, we can remind students of how even the smallest alterations to their routine can have resoundingly positive consequences for reducing the community’s carbon footprint, reducing waste and saving money.

Take a look at the Little Green Guide (PDF, 3,027 KB) or the University Environment and Sustainable Development page for more information.

Environment and Sustainable Development


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