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Wellbeing, Counselling and Mental Health

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Wellbeing Advisers are great to speak to about anything. They are frontline staff members who will listen and give you advice on a broad range of issues. Sometimes the one appointment itself is enough. But if next steps are identified, these may include:

  • Telephone follow-up
  • Referral to Money Adviser
  • Referral to International Adviser
  • Support as you read self-help books (Bibliotherapy)
  • Support as you work with online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - Silvercloud
  • Coaching
  • Referral to Academic School/Faculty
  • Referral to other Support unit e.g. CAPOD/Careers
  • Referral to presentation/workshops/support group/peer support
  • Referral to Counsellor
  • Referral to Disability Adviser
  • Referral to Mental Health Co-ordinator
  • Referral to external agencies e.g. NHS, solicitor, private or voluntary agencies

Wellbeing Advisers have years of experience of working with students in a variety of settings. Most have worked at the University for many years and know the local context well. They are not mental health professionals or counsellors but have training in many areas including sexual assault reporting, money advising and disability legislation, amongst others.

Phone 01334 462020 or email

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Could you use help with some of the big questions?

  • Building confidence
  • Developing resilience
  • Increasing productivity
  • Realising your strengths
  • Maximising effectiveness
  • Understanding your values and beliefs
  • Dealing with pressure
  • Managing relationships
  • Problem solving
  • Taking action
  • Choosing a direction
  • Feeling stuck
  • Coping with stress
  • Keeping focused
  • Staying motivated

If you are interested in restoring or developing your wellbeing by discussing any of these issues, meeting a coach for a few sessions might be a good option. Our Coaches are staff who have been trained in Coaching. Please email


Counsellors work collaboratively with you to help you find perspectives and strategies to cope with difficulties and to build emotional resilience.

If you are interested in seeking counselling, you may, in the first instance, want to meet a Wellbeing Adviser, as they are best placed to help you identify the most suitable way forward. Alternatively, you may want to meet a counsellor for a therapeutic conversation. The conversation may take up to 40 minutes. Sometimes this conversation is enough in itself, although the range of other options may include:

  • Telephone follow-up
  • self-help books (Bibliotherapy)
  • online support (Silvercloud)
  • referral to presentations/workshops
  • referral for coaching
  • short-term counselling
  • evidence based CBT
  • referral to the Mental Health Co-ordinator

If you would like to arrange a therapeutic conversation please  book online

Our Counsellors come from a range of professional backgrounds and also have Postgraduate Counselling qualifications,with prior experience in Counselling. Most are BACP registered, HCPC accredited or accredited Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapists (BABCP). Email

Mental Health

Our Mental Health Co-ordinator offers students with mental health worries a range of assistance but does not replace any service that is offered by NHS.

If you have a history or current diagnosis of a mental health issue and have been advised to seek support with a mental health problem, please phone: 01334 462020 or email

Alternatively you can book online or contact a Wellbeing Adviser.

Student Services believes that all students have as much right to psychological health as to physical health. Our services are available to all students irrespective of gender, nationality or other defining characteristics. As mental health is on a continuum, so are our services.

We offer confidential conversations through a system of Matched Care to ensure students receive evidence based, yet lightest touch, assistance. Counselling is one of a range of professional services offered. Other services include, Wellbeing Advice, coaching and support for those with Mental health issues.  We use a ‘lightest touch’ approach in order to promote the autonomy and independence of our students, who are tomorrow’s leaders. Helping people recover by providing too much support can drain resilience.

In total, Wellbeing Advisers, Counsellors and Mental Health Coordinators offer around 380 appointments per week during semesters. Some of these appointments can be booked online, but most are made by emailing

If you cannot find an appointment at the right time, please call us as many more appointments are available in addition to the online appointments.

Our services are free to all matriculated students of the University and we comply with the University Data Protection Code.

For more information about confidentiality, please read Student Services Confidentiality Statement (PDF, 626 KB)


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Wellbeing Workshops

If you want to find ways to help improve mental health for yourself and the wider student body.

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A-Z of Wellbeing

A range of resources to help with common challenges.



Advice and Support Centre
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Tel: 01334 462020
Fax:01334 461716


Student services

Eden Court
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Scotland, United Kingdom

Tel: 01334 462720
Fax:01334 464007

Encountered any difficulties?

Not the right match?  If you haven’t formed a good rapport with your Adviser or you’ve encountered any difficulties and wish to speak informally to someone, please contact Ruth Unsworth ( or Lara Meischke (, Deputy Directors of Student Services, in the first instance.

Please also be aware that the University has Complaints Handling Procedure for formally addressing concerns.


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