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Returning after a Leave of Absence

Undergraduates, taught  and research postgraduates will be contacted by Registry prior to their expected return date.

Students will have the following options:

  • To declare they are able and if appropriate fit to return to study on the expected date;
  • To request a further Leave of Absence, providing reasons and relevant documentation where required;
  • To request to withdraw permanently from the University.

If the student wishes to return to study, they will be issued with a letter of re-engagement.  This letter may include conditions of re-engagement.  If the student does not respond, Registry will attempt to contact the student again.  Please note that failure to respond may lead to the University assuming you no longer wish to continue your studies at St Andrews and your student status will be withdrawn.

It is recommended that students returning after a leave visit Student Services as soon as possible to discuss the implications of returning to study, and if necessary ensure that any support is in place before recommencing their studies.  Some students also consider changing to part-time study.

Repeat funding

If you need to apply for repeat funding for your tuition fees, contact the Money Adviser at Student Services who is able to provide confirmation of your leave and circumstances to your funding body.

If your Leave of Absence was due to medical reasons you will need to provide medical documentation to state that you were unwell and are now fit to return to study.  This should be sent to your funding body (by recorded delivery). 

If your Leave of Absence was due to exceptional personal circumstances you will need to provide a letter stating your personal circumstances, including any relevant documentation.  You can seek advice on the content of this letter from the Money Adviser .

If your funding body does not agree to provide repeat funding, you are still liable to the University for payment of tuition fees.  Other sources of funding may also be affected, and you may wish to consult the Money Adviser, Student Services.

International Students

If you are a Non EU/EEA student you need to apply for a new visa to return to your studies; you must apply in your home country or in a country where you have the right of residence.  You will need a Confirmation of Acceptance to Study (CAS) from the University to facilitate your visa application, this can be obtained by emailing  However you must first have confirmed your intention to return to Registry and your academic record must reflect your new course end date.

For information on making a visa application please read the International students pages.


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Tel: +44 (0)1334 (46)2020

Encountered any difficulties?

Not the right match?  If you haven’t formed a good rapport with your Adviser or you’ve encountered any difficulties and wish to speak informally to someone, please contact Ruth Unsworth ( or Lara Meischke (, Deputy Directors of Student Services, in the first instance.

Please also be aware that the University has Complaints Handling Procedure for formally addressing concerns.